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I have to admit that working in a vocational school is really tough in my hometown. I mean the feeling which stemming from being with the students. Maybe because of the ignorance of their education from a very young age, the students are more or less being quite shallow both in their knowledge and personality. They even don’t know how to be polite and respect others. I, most of the time, feel unworthy and don’t have the sense of personal achievement as other friends who working in the regular senior high schools. At least, they have the respect from the students and their work is much accounted of. However, the situation in our school is not that good. Many students pay no attention to their academy study. To make things worse is that they even never want to coordinate with your teaching. Playing the smart phone, listening to music and chatting during the class are their routine. The head teachers of some classes have been really trying hard to deal with these kinds of problem students.


In the meeting of every new semester, the dean of our teaching administration will announce the teaching arrangement of the new term which is always like the preface of the book, telling you the general idea of your teaching days. One of my colleagues complained that she was almost exhausted whenever she finished her class. That ‘s one of the hard situation all the vocational teachers have to face. As for me, my job as an English teacher in the vocational school set me thinking quite a lot. I even start to doubt about the meaning of my job. Do I really have to endure all these tough feeling just because the job can feed me? What if I quit my job and find another one except being a teacher again, then what else I can do? The reality is right there and you have to face the music. Things are never like what other people blow in their picture-perfect dream. You have many responsibilities to take and many social rules to obey. Then what shall I do to make my teaching life better? I realize that I have to do something. So I took the action this new term. I called the dean who in charge of the teaching arrangement. I told him directly which class I wanted to teach. I chose the class which is called Gaokao Ban(高考班)it means that the students who studying in this class are going to take the college entrance examination as other students in the regular senior high school. It is a new policy and new chance for all the vocational school students. They can go the college if they can pass the exam which just requires 3 subjects and a certificate. That is Chinese, English and math plus a computer certificate. The study is comparatively simpler than that of the students in the senior high school whose study load is quite heavy. I chose it not because my working load will decrease, on the contrary it increases. Because teaching in this class means that you have to make more preparation for each class and deal with more homework. It will never be an easy job anyway.

 But why did I do it? The reason is quite simple. I just listen to my heart. I want to make my work worthwhile and make my each teaching day fulfilled. As for me, the sense of achievement I gain spiritually is always more important than the materials I’ve got. I can not allow myself to drift through life each single day. Therefore, I am much busier than any other terms. The proverb “ Self do, self have.” explains my situation so well but I really enjoy this autosadism. Each teaching day I am full of passion and smile more and the students are all friendly and show great respect to their happy looking teacher. So do you think that I am doing something stupid? I am sure you have your own answers. 

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Reply Report saver 2016-11-21 08:50
i know you are a respectable teacher .because my partner is also teacher ,you have same character .maybe many pepole do not understand it .in fact ,this is basic virtue as a teccher. i admire you .but you should take more care while working .how do you finish heavy taching work if you can not consider your health
Reply Report voice_cd 2016-11-21 09:44
thanks for sharing here, we have highlighted your blog.
Reply Report ysyaileen 2016-11-22 18:55
saver: i know you are a respectable teacher .because my partner is also teacher ,you have same character .maybe many pepole do not understand it .in fact ,th ...
thank you  
Reply Report ysyaileen 2016-11-22 18:55
voice_cd: thanks for sharing here, we have highlighted your blog.
thank you  
Reply Report Breezer-1 2016-11-22 22:14
Inner peace...

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