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Unconditional love

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It is quite natural for us to think of a reward once we have given out something. Yet, there is one thing which is out of exception, that is the unconditonal love of parents. I got this recognition from my own true feeling about taking care of a patient. However, ironically, I as a matter of fact, felt a little relutant to do this during the process.

My mother-in-law was sick and had to stay in the hospital for several weeks. My huasband’s elder sister is living in Shenzhen and was unable to come here immediately because she also has her own family to take care of. Granted, taking care of my mother-in-law became the prior responsibility of my husband and I. We took some days off from the school authority and stayed in the hospital all day long taking good care of her. I was in charge of her daily nursing around the clock and my husband was respomsible for our meals and some interaction with the doctor whenever necessary. The days in the hospital was tedious and exhausting. I felt the presure from now and then. I felt low and eager for a chance to have a break. How I wished to get away for all those worries and serious responsibilities that all the caregivers knew so well. Gradually, irritation and annoyance grew in my mind. However, the cruel reality was right out there. I could never shy away from the resoponsibility. So I had to hold on. and sometimes the pressure always made me think of the last straw of the camel. Could I really manage to get through it? Or would I break down and showed my anger ? Everytime I called my parents at home and complained to them about my situation they would get me back to the right track. They knew me well enough and were able to make me accept their advice and I suddenly felt ashame of what I had thought and done.

Unconditional love is precious. It does not come easily. How can a person be so devoting to what he has done and never complain ? There must be something great and unusual backing the caregiver. The hard days when my tuition fee was a big problem of the whole family occurred in my memory. My parents used to be out of work but still had to deal with the tuition of my brother and me. every new semester was a tough time for them. However, I never heard of any complain. No matter how hard it was, they were able to get rid of the problem in the end, which I always felt gratitude for and wondered what kind of love had empower them to do all these unconditionally.


I used to feel angry when what others do could not meet my expectation. I was too self-centered and subjective. I did not realize that every one is an individual and you can never require some one to do what you wish them to do. If someone does not treat you good enough, don't be angry with him. Because he does not have the responsibility to give you the unconditional love. Uncondtional love is the suprem form of love, coming from a sincere heart.


And several days later, my husband’s elder sister came and I could have a rest and went back to work. Life fianally became normal and though I didn’t have to stay in the hospital and looked after my mother-in-law, I cared for her even more. my mother-in-law is kind to me besides we have been living together for almost 6years but we seldom have any conflicts. She treats me as her own daughter and she deserves my love as well. Taking care of others can really be very toilsome but it helps people grow mature mentally and maybe also built a better relationship.




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Reply Report GhostBuster 2017-2-14 14:42
Love is the same for all humankind. It is shown differently in all cultures.

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  • Unconditional love 2017-2-14 14:42

    Love is the same for all humankind. It is shown differently in all cultures.

  • The woman in the neighborhood 2017-2-14 14:41

    Most Chinese women do not know what love actually is until after they have had experienced that from other men. This is a serious problem in most places. Perhaps, women could organize some social exchanges to allow them to understand their real needs.

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