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What does a vocational school student need in school?

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The other day I came across a good article explains that the general Chinese education system is killing the students’ creativities comparing with other teaching methods in some foreign countries, such as Britain. Not long ago, a documentary about some Chinese teachers applied our Chinese style teaching to the British students went virus on the internet. Both sides have some difficulties in dealing with each other. The Chinese education is a big topic to discuss but not just a simple word of saying that is right or wrong. Therefore, here what I am going to say is something about my school situation in an objective way.


My school is a vocational technical school. The students are mainly the teenagers who graduated from the middle schools with a not that good mark and besides with terrible bad habits. They are, on a whole, a special group comparing to the students in regular senior secondary schools. These students are the poor group eliminated by the exam-oriented education because of their poor academic performance. However, judging from the present employment prospects, they may be largely needed in special fields on the premise that they are well trained. Sometimes the employment prospects of some vocational students are even better that the graduates who went to study in a university or a college for several years. What’s more, according to some reports about the lacking of independence and some mental problems which generally exists in the university students really cause our attention. Therefore, again, we reconsider ironically, what is really needed for a student? Maybe the practical living ability and the mental health are much more important.

 As for our students who study in a vocational school, the most important thing for them is to cultivate a good personality and gain an excellent skill in their profession. However, I was greatly disappointed by the present situation of our school.

 Before the teacher who is in charge of the association activities in our school left for another school, the students’ extracurricular activities were rich and varied. There are badminton club, soccer club, speech club, dancing and singing club, chess club, etc. He was very into organizing all kinds of competition activities for the students. There were now and again different activities holding for the students to participate. The playground was crowding with students cheering for the heated competitions. The students developed their hobbies while enjoying what they really like. I am sure that the students who take part in the activities are more positive and active in every life and besides they are definitely more energetic and healthier than those who just cling to their cell-phone all days long. Extracurricular activities do a lot of good to the students’ development both physically and mentally. However, the situation now is very disappointing. The new teacher who takes charge of this part of job is so irresponsible that the activities are almost put on hold. The association just exists in name only. What the teacher did is organizing some students do some writing and drawing for the special column required by the school leaders. Such as the special column about the introduction of our school repaired to show to the leaders who come to visit in certain day. The leaders see the things have done and are quite satisfied with the teacher’s work but never realize what the difference have happened to the students’ after school life. Some active students are also disappointed.


In my opinion, cultivating a student’s personality and learning professional skills are the two important things in the vocational education. Good personality will benefit a student’s attitude towards his own way of life. If the students are active and energetic, they will learn the knowledge much better and vice versa. I am not the teacher who is in charge of the association and it seems that I really can do nothing about this. Nevertheless, I always try to organize some theme class meetings which give my students lots of fun and above all, they gain something instructive. Although some vocational school students are weak in study, it doesn’t mean that they are doomed to be ignored. On the contrary, students in Vocational school should be paid more attention to. If they are guided in a right way, they will also become very excellent. 

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Reply Report SEARU 2016-5-29 17:29
I always think that all students including the vocational ones should combine books with reality! ---------I mean we must teach or learn theory through practice!
Reply Report TedM 2016-5-29 21:38
(see my blogs on the Bohunt experiment") It was a disgraceful attempt by the BBC producers to discredit Chinese teachers and make them lose face in an impossible situation... and all to boost their ratings. (Refer to my other blogs on effective education and professional teaching)
Reply Report ysyaileen 2016-5-30 07:50
SEARU: I always think that all students including the vocational ones should combine books with reality! ---------I mean we must teach or learn theory throug ...
    you said it! but the teaching situation in our school is reall y disappointing. the school pays little attention to the academic course of the students
Reply Report SEARU 2016-5-30 08:48
ysyaileen:      you said it! but the teaching situation in our school is reall y disappointing. the school pays little attention to the academic course of th ...
Our school has hired one technician as teacher who had run a garage in the town for years since three years ago. The theory is also so good that he has sent eight vocational students to the university on car-repairing major. ---------He has set a record in our school history.
Too much so-called theory with little practical things means failure to vocational education!

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