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Share dear home
ysyaileen 2016-11-2 15:30
What’s the definition of a house? It is a building which can be made of different materials. No matter what is it made of, it is a place to live in. what about a home? It is equal to a house? Definitely not! A home is a place full of magic which can both be visible and invisible. It is a comfort harbor for a wearing soul, a place where we regain our hopes and courage. Every year during the Spring Festival Travel, China will show the world a spectacular picture of the thousands upon thousands o ...
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Share The woman in the neighborhood
ysyaileen 2016-10-28 10:08
People say that she is out of her mind because her personality changed greatly. She becomes so fractious and yells at anyone she doesn’t like. She was easily irritated when she caught sight of her husband. she says she hates him with all her heart. It is he who pushed her to be mad. She was once a gentle and easy-going housewife who took charge of all the housework and does some little part-time jobs to support the family. She is from rural area without much education. She remin ...
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Share Transcendence(超验骇客) ---The movie I like
ysyaileen 2016-4-17 21:55
I am not a fan of movie but I will see one or two once in a while. Thanks to the convenience brought by the internet, we can easily access to various kinds of movies. However, varieties don’t mean that you will get different nutrition from the movies. It is true that some movies are not worth watching. Some the stories are too plain and boring. Most of them usually harp on the same string which you can see in most of the Korean soap operas. I don’t have any bias about these kinds of m ...
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Share How do you show your kindness?
ysyaileen 2016-4-15 21:35
When talking about setting the captive animals free most people may associate it with the kindness activity of Buddhism. As we all known, Buddhism advocate the spirit of kindness and free the captive animals is one of them. Buddhism is popular in the small town where I am living. Especially in some special days I can see many people standing in a circle and reading some sacred scripture of Buddhism. They are reading the scripture for the captive animals which they will free later on. It ...
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Share Certain distance between friends
ysyaileen 2016-3-31 10:37
Have you ever felt bored and annoyed of someone? Idon’t mean the people we dislike. The people Irefer to are ironically, the people who you were once quite contend with and maybe your confidant. Then why do you suddenly feel tired and want to get away from him or her at the time being? This is the problem which have been bothering my friend these days. She felt sorry and guilty both for her friend and herself. She said she didn’t mean to be unfriendly and never thought of breakin ...
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Share Monkey King forever!
ysyaileen 2016-2-4 21:33
There is one legendary monkey in Chinese literature, who is also well-known and has taken a special place in the hearts of the post 80s. It is Monkey King in the famous work Journey to the West. As it is the year of monkey in Chinese traditional lunar New Year, it is a no brainer for many Chinese people to think that the actor Zhang Jinlai who starred Monkey King in the famous TV series Journey to the West will definitely show up in the all-important spring ...
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Share fulfill our life
ysyaileen 2015-12-29 18:07
Though living and working in the small town here I don’t lost touch with some of my friends who have been working in the big cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen since we graduated from university. Some of them have done a good job and probabely have already on their way to personal success. Things were not easy at the beginning though. Because they all started from scratch without gainning any finacial support or social relationship help from their friends and family. As a green graduate f ...
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Share Jealousy is poison
ysyaileen 2015-12-27 16:25
Several days before I saw a law programme in CCTV1. The story was very heart-broken. A five-year-old boy was murdered by his neigbour whose criminal motive was jealousy. The murderer was a woman at the same age of the boy’s granny. Her jealousy of the boy was because she could not bear the truth that her own grandson was not that clever and healthy as this little boy. It is really ridiculous. But that is the sad truth the boy’s family finnaly learned. Jealousy can turn a kind looking ...
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Share Two morality related stories
ysyaileen 2015-12-20 15:05
I am sure that people may still remember the days when we were having so much fun in stealing the friuts and vegetables and even putting some bad insects in our friends’ QQ Farm. Though the craze in the virtual internet world had been cooling down for quite a while, the real version unexpectedly happened in my life the other day. My mother has taken the advantage of a piece of free land along the roadside outside my house to plant some vegetables. We have been watering them e ...
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Share Consumption ideas
ysyaileen 2015-12-9 17:52
One of my cousins who is of my age is scorned by my mother-in –law recently because of what she did is unacceptable to my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law is thrifty and prudent in managing the money. She never allows anythingsplurgy. That is why she had some bias about my cousin. My cousin had thrown away her father’s new shoes which he bought from a stall for just 38yuan. And she said that the shoes were too cheap to wear. Maybe it would cause some harm to the body. Then she bought ...
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