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Share Unconditional love
ysyaileen 2016-11-14 16:28
It is quite natural for us to think of a reward once we have given out something. Yet, there is one thing which is out of exception, that is the unconditonal love of parents. I got this recognition from my own true feeling about taking care of a patient. However, ironically, I as a matter of fact, felt a little relutant to do this during the process. My mother-in-law was sick and had to stay in the hospital for several weeks. My huasband’s elder sister is living in Shenzhen and ...
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Share My hometown complex
ysyaileen 2016-11-4 08:49
My hometown complex
When I was a primary school student, I wrote a lot of compositions about our hometown to appreciate its merits, its beauty and its culture, you name it. The affection conveyed in the compositions were more of perfunctory rather than genuine. I just wanted to finish my homework. However, as years goes by, the feeling has a subtle change. I gradually feel the love for it especially when I return from another place. I love the feeling of breathing the familiar air and with the wind whispe ...
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Share Cherish the love we have
ysyaileen 2016-5-11 11:47
May 8th is the Mother’s day. Many schools educated the children of filial piety by holding the activities such as washing the feet of their mothers and writing thank-you notes, etc. All kinds of celebrations and activities highlighted the importance of the day. Parental love is the greatest and selfless in the world. We can never thank our parents enough for what they have done for us. Sometimes even before we notice the fleeting time has carved the wrinkles on their faces and have pl ...
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Share My view about traveling
ysyaileen 2016-5-4 16:57
My view about traveling
Why do we travel? I am sure it’s not a strange question. Apart from traveling on business, anyone who spend the holiday to travel have purposes that we can see more about the world, broaden our horizon in any aspect imaginable, and above all, to improve our inner selves. So there are many people who will take the chance of any holidays they have to travel, near or far, regardless of the heavy traffic and huge tourist volume. And they will end up with weary bodies and lots of wonderful ...
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Share About the old things
ysyaileen 2016-3-17 09:40
I lovecleaningupmyroomandmakemyroomcleanandtidy. H owever, I seldomthrowoldthingsawaycasual l y. M aybe I amanemotionalandnostalgicperson. S otheoldthingswillsuddenlyshowasenseoflifewhentheyarefacingthesituation&n ...
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Share What makes a good husband?
ysyaileen 2016-1-7 14:30
What makes a good husband? It is a controversial topic. A colleague of mine once said a good husband should be someone who was able to earn big money while I thought a good husband should be someone who was responsible to his family no matter how much he could earn. Money is not everything after all. A family without love and responsibility can never exist. And every time I recall the day when I introduced my husband to my mother for the first time I can’t help joking and reminding my ...
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Share Enjoy Winter Solstice --Time for Tangyuan
ysyaileen 2015-12-22 16:56
Today is Winter Solstice which is an important solar term in the traditional Chinese calendar. As the name implies it means the coming of winter. The custom is the north of China is eating dumplings however we eat Tangyuan in the south. Tangyuan is one of the most famous traditional foods in China which is quite similar as Yuanxiao. It is said Tangyuan and Yuanxiao look almost the same but they are different in making procedures. Tangyuan is make of glutinous rice. The texture of it is ...
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Share a little uninvited guest
ysyaileen 2015-11-19 10:09
I am cat person and so does my hubby. We have ever kept one little cat that was deserted in the park 2 years ago. We took her home and took good care of her. And she became very healthy and naughty. She used to follow us for a long way when we were leaving home for work. She wouldn’t go back home until we shouted angrily at her. She was so close to us and we loved her deeply. However, unfortunately she was killed in a traffic accident. We were extremely sad about the tragedy.   ...
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Share BE a child again
ysyaileen 2015-9-2 17:57
It has been a period of hard days for me since 2weeks ago. I returned from my Guangzhou trip but unluckily I got sick during the trip. I had allergy and all my body was covered with little red spots and they itched all over at the certain time of the night which left me stay awake suffering the itching. After hearing my situation my parents came to see me the next day I returned home. My situation got worse that day because my eyes became swollen and my face was peeling seriously, my a ...
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Share What do you think of twilight romance?
ysyaileen 2015-5-7 17:35
What do you think of twilight romance?
“It is quite unnecessary to do that”, my mother-in-law said scornfully as she told me the news that one of our neighbor who is almost 65years old got married yesterday.Didn't want to make her disappointed I just giggled and showed her that I was really surprised about that. She doesn't think the twilight romanceis something sensible for people to do especially at such an age. “It is not necessary to find another companion” is what she emphasized again and again. But why? I ...
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