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Share What do you think of your marriage?
ysyaileen 2016-10-26 10:01
What is the most important thing in a good marriage? What makes a marriage go on? As a married woman, I should have had my own answers. However, it seems that I am really confused. The question has been lingering in my mind recently. And the incentive for this question is all because of my two friend’s experiences. The first friend married to a Chenguan 城管, a sub-police who does the job for the city management several years ago. Life goes smoothly ...
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Share Whoop! I am in my middle age!
ysyaileen 2016-5-17 21:42
The first time I saw the public-interest ad on CCTV showing a group of energetic 20 something shouting out loud “ I am 23 years old”, I admired them extremely. Youth is a precious treasure. Youth means all kinds of possibilities. The future is in your own hands and the road is extending in front of you. You are eager to explore the outside world when you leave the ivory tower. No wonder you look so proud and dauntless. Yet, I thought about myself. Quite amusing, my age has the same n ...
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Share About death
ysyaileen 2016-5-16 10:54
Death is not a popular word and even a taboo. It is not an auspicious word anyway. Death means the end of life which is the most precious thing of a human being. You can achieve nothing if you have no life. But I find that if we can face death in a rational and intelligent way, we can know more about life itself. First I want to share a funny story of mine with you. I don’t know whether you also had this kind of experience before. Back to the time when I was a ...
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Share Be brave and strong in 2016!
ysyaileen 2016-2-10 17:37
Today is the 3rd day of the lunar new year. So lucky that I can have a break for a little while after so many days busy preparing for the new year. Although I have tried my best to enjoy the New Year, say to call out the innocent child in my heart, I still can’t help feeling the disappointment due to all the trifles. You can never have a simple New Year once you grow up. I am sure this can cause a resonance in many young people’s hearts. Many young people returning home for the New Ye ...
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Share What I have learnt from 2015
ysyaileen 2016-1-31 16:44
Scrolling through the blogs I wrote last year I can’t help feeling that life is not easy for me anyway. Although I have made a new year resolution at the beginning of 2015 and everything were expected to be full of hope and expectation, some of the days I have been through the whole year were really unexpected and once again I realize that life had no mercy for any its positive believers. It never feels guilty for shattering its believers’ dreams and it takes no notice of all your pra ...
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Share move out of the comfort zone
ysyaileen 2015-12-24 15:10
move out of the comfort zone
“Comfort Zone” I first came across this phrase in the days when I was living in a state of plain life. Those days when nothing special and exciting happened and jobs ,trifle things made the routine of my days. I was not an adventurous person. So though I often saw my friends showing their exciting life in the big cities in Wechat I seldom envied their living styles. There is nothing wrong when we feel contended with our life. But the moment I came across “comfort zone” I realized a ...
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Share Being friendly is worthwhile
ysyaileen 2015-11-26 17:23
There is a saying goes like this” Every family has a skeleton in his closet” we keep it as a secret and don’t want others to know. However, there are some people who are so impulsive and easily getting irritated, which makes them to shout out their anger loudly ignoring where they are. Last night I was woken up by one of my neighbors living upstairs. Every time I come across the family members, I find that they seldom have smile on their faces. I once doubted that whether ...
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Share To live an unique life
ysyaileen 2015-6-18 21:31
Every morning when we login the wechat platform, a variety of news from our friends will show cheerfully on our screen. Some showed the delicious food he enjoyed and the wonderful travel he experienced and some shows the happiness of his family life while some may even express some unhappy moments he has the day. We take the great advantage of this new app and show others our life from different aspects. It is unobvious to discover but it is true that we are influenced by what we saw. ...
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Share Hello! Dear 2015!
ysyaileen 2014-12-31 21:34
Students are sunbeams. Holidays are their favorite snacks. As New year’s Day is coming, they are happy beyond words. They have a 3 days holiday tomorrow. If not for them I hardly notice that today is the last day of 2014. I asked them to make a conclusion of their 2014 and make a new year’s resolution of 2015. I am happy to see most of them have big harvest in their 2014 and most of their new year’s resolutions are finding a good job. I can’t help inhaling and exhaling for a while beca ...
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Share Suit is the best
ysyaileen 2014-12-14 13:50
Suit is the best
The other day my husband came home from work and told me the ridiculous thing happen that morning. He said that when they were having a break in the office, one his colleagues said to another young colleague in a partly joking tone that “ You haven’t done a good job young man. You know, somebody has been here for only 4 years and now he has bought a new apartment and he is going to buy a car.” The latter colleagues was not embarrassed at all and simply reply him” well, I don’t need wha ...
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