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Share married women and single ones in the coming new year
2015-2-16 00:11
married women and single ones in the coming new year
Most of my friends envy me by saying that teachers have long holiday. A teacher’s is life is simple and full of quality. It is right in some aspects as long as it does not relate to the meager salary I am earning. Well, fortunately, I am not that kind of people who have too much thought on money and unconsciously become the slave of it. So though the money I get can never compare with some friends from different walks of life I still feel contend with my simple life. So after the ...
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Share reality and dream
2015-2-3 22:42
I received a message from one student who is now taking a part-time job in Guangzhou. She told me that she is disappointed about the job she is doing which seems has nothing to do with her major, accounting. She is a hard-working student and always dreams of finding a good job after graduation. However, reality for the first time gives this girl with hopeful dream a hit. As a matter of fact, I am not surprised about this situation and I have warned them of the fierce challenges they may face i ...
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Share would you like a bowl of beancurd fish porridge?
2015-1-28 16:19
would you like a bowl of beancurd fish porridge?
Tired of the greasy food which may hoard the fat in your body ? Then come and have a look at my light favor dish-beancurd fish porridge. To begin with, let me make a short introduction of this clear and delicious dish. Firstly, the main role of this dish is beancurd fish. The fish is called beancurd fish because it touches like beancurd, smooth and bouncy. To make it more exactly, it feels like jelly. It enjoys great popularity among the seafood lovers especia ...
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Share Overindulgence is poison
2015-1-22 17:45
Born in a two-child family and being an elder daughter who had to look after my little brother and do the housework at that time when both my parents have to work day and night to feed the family, I have developed into a girl who has board shoulders. I still appreciate what life has given me and made me a better person now. It seems that I knew pretty well of what responsibility was at a young age. Besides, I was fully aware of the dos and don’ts. I was always very considerate and very he ...
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Share Money makes a difference
2014-12-24 21:02
“Things are different when label with money” this idea struck me when I was talking with the boss in a tropical fish shop. I caught sight of a tank of fish which are quite ordinary and I asked him the name of the fish. He simply told me that they are feedstuff. They are only sold as food of other big fish. I was shock. As a fish lover, I even have an impulsive to buy all of them. I am not buying them as food for my fish or turtle but to save them. However, I felt helpless at that moment. ...
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Share A story about my little fish
2014-12-20 23:54
A  story about my little fish
One of my dear fish called Little Bite is a handicapped fish. Yes, it is disabled. I am not joking. It has an extremely strong soul. It would have died if it was not strong enough. One year ago it was attacked by a big fish and was badly hurt. It could not swim any longer. What it could do was just rolling over again and again. I took it out of the tank and put it in another little bowl and sadly accepted the fact that it was going to die the next morning. However, quite out of my expectat ...
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Share My 2014
2014-12-11 15:25
My 2014
It is said that if a person start looking back the past is a signal that he is getting old. The idea is partly right. Because the olds do like to tell their old time stories so vividly and it seems that the stories is a time machine takes you back to those old days. I always envy those people who have their grandparents or even great grandparents beside them. They can tell numerous of stories happened in the faraway time. But reminiscence is not a particular characteristic of ...
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Share It is never too late to start!
2014-12-5 15:01
It is never too late to start!
Grandma Moses , an American artist who was famous for her paintings portray the beautiful countries scenery and her wonderful country life. She had a long life of 101 years and what she had achieved is far beyond her lifespan. The other day, I read an article written by Grandma Moses. In her article, an inspiring sentence touches my soul. That is: it is never too late to start!” and that is the vivid reflection of her life as well. Grandma Moses star ...
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Share Have you ever noticed such skills?
2014-11-29 00:14
Every day when the day finally raises the veil of night, there are many vendors gathering near the roadside and selling different kinds of goods. It is funny to study how different vendors use their specific ways to attract customers. My husband and I love to discuss about this.The other day we are talking about the fruit which were sold by some vendors coming from other province. They have something in common though their goods are different. The fruit could vary from apples, ...
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Share There is no doomed fate
2014-11-17 16:01
What is fate? This question struck my heart when I read the news about a girl called hogpen girl. i.e. the girl was brought up in the hogpen. Can you imagine what kind of life she was living? Have you ever seen a hogpen? Smelly. wet and dirty are the basic features of it. But there was where the poor little girl was living right there for 8 years. And she has been sent to the hospital for treatment due to her critical heath condition. Hence, her miserable story is discovered. It wa ...
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  • Unconditional love 2017-2-14 14:42

    Love is the same for all humankind. It is shown differently in all cultures.

  • The woman in the neighborhood 2017-2-14 14:41

    Most Chinese women do not know what love actually is until after they have had experienced that from other men. This is a serious problem in most places. Perhaps, women could organize some social exchanges to allow them to understand their real needs.

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