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2016-7-28 09:46
hi, guys, haven't seen long time. I'm very sorry, these time are too busy so that i forgot to write dairy. But i miss everyone here. it happened too many things to accept. of course, including bad things and good things. At frist, i'll show you something that happened last night. i have a class at 7:00-8:00 PM, so after work, i quickly to have dinner then went to school. But unfortunatly, i missed the class. Because change the route to school.there are two ways to school, taking bus or subway, t ...
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2016-7-21 11:40
Confused, Confused, confused, confused, confused, confused, confused......bad feeling......
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2016-7-19 10:07
I am so tried these day, just wanted to have a rest.
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2016-7-18 11:48
Today is Monday, The frist day of working day.I went to work as usual, but my attitude has changed, i need to keep an positive attitude for life, No matter you like or dislike. I need to enjoy life, of curse, share happiness and power to arrounding at the same time . To be better life is on the road......
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2016-7-15 09:56
1.Breakfast is important for us, like soybean milk add fried bread stick is a good choice. it's fast, just takes several minutes. Becuase we have less time to prepare. 2.Last night i learned something about communication, including face to face, facial langue, body langue, speaking on the phone, presentation speech, eye contact, phsical contact, email and so on. 3.I'm so depressed, in account of communication disorders. my oral English is poor, although i always's difficult to talk ...
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Share The twentyth day
2016-7-14 10:02
I was wakened from sleep by nightware this morning. It‘s so bad...
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2016-7-13 13:28
Today is a special day, Three years before,I met my Mr.right, It's a lucky thing. He is a C A P F. I love he, not only he is CAPF, But also he is handson. What's more, He is a humorous guy. We were studing at same high school, But we didn't communicate with each other at that time.utill graduate. Maybe the fate let us meet, we are love each other.
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Share The eighteenth day
2016-7-12 09:24
The eighteenth day, i have second friend kathy krejados, it's a preety happy thing.
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2016-7-11 09:55
how time fies, Two days off.I was watch TV at home, a TV series named a dog with blog, it an interesting TV series, it describe an story that happened between dog and an american family, which have five members.everly, carlovin,tylor and their parents i forgot their name, and the dog named stan. unfinished
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Share The sixteenth day
2016-7-8 09:45
If you want to do sth, be ready when opportunity comes, and then just do it...
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      • The eleventh day 2016-7-7 09:58

        snowipine: Yes, I know Shenzhen and Guangzhou well.

        Hope I can visit them one day.
        welcome to shen zhen......

      • The eleventh day 2016-7-6 20:59

        tina9119: ”here“ is shenzhen the city where i live, have you heard before?
        Yes, I know Shenzhen and Guangzhou well.

        Hope I can visit them one day.

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