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what is love?

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Today, my niece asked me what love is.
She showed me their chat records.
I was shocked.
"Love" as a theme topic comes up.
"I love you", "I can't forget you", "I want to see you now"...

She is 16 years old, and 7 years younger than me.
She is fair-skinned, beautiful and slim.
Because of the height, she is always attractive.
So, boys want to go after her.

There is a boy, who chase her almost one year.
When my niece lose her temper, the boy will say sorry first again and again.
Then he will buy many junk foods online, not face to face, to avoid making her angry. 

She think he is nice, because the boy always says sorry first to amuse her.
When I heard that , I didn't know what should I say.
I just ask "why he make you angry?"

Although I fell in love with Mr. Zhang for one year, I never thought about the question.
Certainly, I didn't answer her question directly, but I took my story to explain what love is.

Love is a kind of emotion, which is a passion.
Not what they said, but what they did.

Mr.Zhang rarely said "love", and I asked the reason.
He said "be with you is the only way to love you forever"——陪伴是最长情的告白

When we had quarrel, we never slammed the door.
We will keep silence for minutes, then showed our opinions on the issue.
Once the problem is solved, we will kiss each other to final the topic.

Such situations occurred again and again.
Now,  we become a great couple.
We are happiness.

How about you, my dear friend.
Show us your experience freely~

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  • Work in hometown or not? 2016-6-23 16:18

    Funny-boy: Confuse much more, far away from home and more presure need to be faced.
    It is the same as that in me now.

    Just let it go, and follow your heart.

  • Work in hometown or not? 2016-6-23 16:18

    It is the same as that in me now.

    Just let it go, and follow your heart.

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