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10 Reasons why you have to learn Mandarin

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Learning the Chinese language became a real trend all around the World. Indeed, this represents a huge gateway for foreigners. Learners have 10 reasons to benefit from this new tendency

1. China economy’s growth

Economy in China has increased very quickly these last years. Today, it tends to slow down but still keeps on growing That is why companies overseas have to take advantages of it. Indeed, Chinese market constitutes a huge opportunity to become a strong competitor. So, by speaking the local language, businessman will be more successful on the Mainland.


2. Launch business in China

As said above, foreign companies have to take all benefits from the Chinese market, which is a center of innovation. Therefore, brands need to approach Chinese consumers. Consequently, learning Mandarin language is the key of success to engage them !


3.  Approach the Asia’s market


Many native leave China to go to other Asian countries, such as Thaïland, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia etc… Then, Mandarin language dominates the Asian market. Consequently, it is crucial to learn it, in order to easier communicate with them and make better businesses. In addition, if you like travel around Asia, it will be more comfortable for you to learn the Mandarin language, especially if you’re lost.


4.  It is helpful for international business


Nowadays, Mandarin language is one of the most important one, especially in UK. Indeed, companies have few offices in different countries, and employees are from various nationalities. Thus, learning Mandarin makes communication easier if you are able to say main words, particularly for call conferences.

5.   Famous personalities speak Chinese language


Today, many of worldwide governments and famous people speak Chinese language such as Brack Obama, Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, US Treasury Secretary, Timothy Greitner and even Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook’s CEO. These renowned men are example to follow!



6.  Learning another culture


You have many things to learn about Chinese culture. Indeed, they have old customs, traditions and food, which are really interesting to approach. This is so rewarding to get into the citizen’s lifestyle


7. To be open-minded


Learning new language is a really added value for your mind. Indeed, people who speak few languages look to be smarter, cleverer only because they are self-confident and feel comfortable in any context. In addition, the Chinese language is one of the most difficult one to learn as a Western person. Consequently, if you succeed in speaking it, you will be able to learn faster the other languages.


8.   Best grades for student


Chinese class is one of the first language course to be studied in Western schools. This teaching is really important and provides many opportunities for students to reach high grades faster. That adds more skills at their school career.


9.   Chinese language is job opportunities


When students graduate, it is time they found a job. There are many jobs’ offers, but for most of them, especially in famous worldwide brands, Chinese language is recommended. Consequently, a young worker with Mandarin option in their CV has with him a real positive point!


10.  Connect with them


Chinese people travel more and more. Moreover, you can find many Chinese expats all around the world. Every day you will be meeting Chinese people, and maybe you will get married with of them. Consequently, you have to be able to connect with them in order for them to feel better in the Western world, which is so different from their Mainland.



So, let’s go!

By Olivier Verot:


(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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