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Share My humorous and strict father
JSoong 2017-6-16 18:37
When I was a child,I used to play in the factory where my father worked.There were grass and trees,so I could make friends with various insects.On a summer day,sharp-eyed dad found and caught two mating grasshoppers. I hold these two grasshoppers in both hands and went home with my father.Colleagues of my father who encountered us had to ask intentionly,'Hyper,what are you carrying?' 'A larger grassshopper gives birth to a smaller one,'I replied innocently.They laughed and pumped me f ...
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Share In or not?
JSoong 2016-7-26 17:52
In the Ming Dynasty,the Grand Secretary Xie Jin once was cheated by an eunuch that the emperor asked him to play chess.He believed it and hurried to the Hall of Supreme Harmony in the Palace Museum,only to find the emperor hug a maid kissing.Xie Jin was about to leave."Xie Jin, in or not?",the emperor huffed.Xie Jin halted and replied "Yongle, happy or not?".Hearing this reply,the emperor's anger faded away and called Xie Jin to his side.Xie Jin was good at supplying the antithesis to a given p ...
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Share Who is a celebrity?
JSoong 2016-5-28 19:56
At the two sessions,the Revolutionary Committee of The Chinese Kuomintang(one of the nine political parties of China ) proposed that Chinese tunic suit be chosen as the formal national dress. Chinese tunic suit is also called Zhongshan suit in China.Sun Yat-sen introduced the style as the formal national dress.Some peopleare worriedthe inspiration for its style is from Japan. However,I don not want to argue the purity of the attire as the formal national dress. ...
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