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About wig (with face problem)

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Square face hair matching
Due to the prominence of the edges and corners and do not have the feminine, the waveform to compensate for the angular feeling, highlighting the face of vertical lines, prompting the face became round or elliptic.
If you choose a long hair style, it is best to burn all the hair into a soft big wave, in the face around the formation of loose feeling.
This kind of face is the most taboo to stay short hair, especially ultra short type of moving head. The 55 broad forehead separately, decrease the width of the visual impact. Leave natural hair volume in binbian, symmetrical on both sides. Hair with long hair. If the short stature should not stay long hair, select the best shoulder short hair.
The square face generally broad forehead, chin prominent cheekbones, people seem dull. Here to recommend to you a can show the special charm of square face hair: in popular Qi neck hanging hair with different levels, thick tail current shaping, potential flow, coated face, face feeling smaller, lively and innovative. Hair tail comb, covering both sides of the cheek, can cover the jaw bones of the prominent. If the next comb, do not beat thin, thick hair can make the cheeks look delicate.

A round face and hair collocation
The round face of the people the best use of 55 separately, hair must be straight and clear. To avoid the hot, blowing hair, and a simple natural cut. Due to the hair cover, a lot of round face is like a flat circle, so the hair to avoid hair remaining on the cheeks on both sides, not to mention ironing out a large lock of hair, this will increase the width of the face, to make up for the trick lies in the head at the top of the hair short and raised, have a certain height and tighten both sides of the hair. Whether long or short hair, do not stay too long bangs, hair to avoid partial, or face a greater feeling of people. As for the amount of bangs, also want to pay attention to a little less to stay, Liu from Fashao slightly thinning, reflecting sharp sense of good. Long hair, suitable for sewing, make both sides of the hair tend to flow down, make a round face with a mature impression. People seem top-heavy, suitable for hair is thinning on both sides, pull into the back of the head, increasing the thickness of head hair. This will be able to make the face look longer, increase the sense of poise, but also not lost sweet.

Long face with a hair style
Generally long face people tend to show the old, the reason is that the eyes to the mouth of the long distance, a lot of forehead, so in order to show the charm of this face, the key is to make it with a gorgeous and clear expression. Gorgeous performance to reduce the length of the face from the visual, but also can show a calm temperament. Under the forehead bangs are a key remedy. Choose a hairstyle, may wish to complete that allows you to quickly make only superficial changes, establish a good image of the new method.

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