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Share Happy New Year to you all !!!
2016-12-31 20:06
Happy New Year to you all !!!
''Happy New Year, Happy New Year, Happy New Year to you all.We are singing,we are dancing,Happy New Year to you all...'' Today is New Year's Day.As the first day of the year, it represents a new beginning.I hope everybody will be able to put aside their worries and welcome the arrival of the new year.
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Share Sweet potatoes give us a sense of well-being
2016-11-19 23:15
My mother said," When I was a child, it was happiness to have sweet potatoes to eat because my parents were too poor to afford them. But it's also happiness to have sweet potatoes to eat today because of the high price."
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Share It's my honour to go home with my history teacher professor Cao
2016-11-9 23:37
When I went to the teacher's office to ask my history teacher some historical questions,mygeography teacher said to me,''Hey,Yingling,there is a message from your parents.Your father will take you home after evening study because of the heavy rain.'' OK!Thank you very much!'' I answered.Then I continued to ask my questions.After asking questions,my history teacher asked me,''Your father will take your home,yes?'' ''Yes.'' ''Great! I have an idea,Because of t ...
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Share 2016-08-28
2016-8-28 17:51
I think I am not a good girl. I always Tucao my dear younger sister.
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Share Why so many people can not keep on doing something?
2016-6-21 23:45
I read an artical a moment ago.I think this artical is very inspirational.The artical reported that a man who lives in Beijing runs for 45 hours on 200km ring road. The crazy man is Liu Zhongjie,a 33-year-old Chongqing native who lives in Beijing. He just kept going and finally completed the loop at about 7:27 pm on Sunday night after running for 45 hours and 10 minutes and covering a total distance of 222.48 kilometers.His word impressed me a lot—— the more rest you take, the least you w ...
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Share Benefits of being a volunteer
2016-5-18 23:03
Nowadays,more and more people are willing to serve as a volunteer especially the university students. For one thing,volunteering makes a big contribution to society and people in need.For another thing, serving as a volunteer is also beneficial to volunteers themselves.They can practice their courage and improve the communication skills when they help others.What's more,they can get a great chance to touch with different kinds of people. & ...
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Share 2016-05-12
2016-5-12 22:51
Education can change a person's life as it can bring a person from one world to another world. I really should study so hard to change my life. Come on! &n ...
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Share My English teacher David
2016-5-11 23:30
David is my favorite teacher whose Chinese name is Huangdewei. He is not only my English teacher but also my class teacher. He is tall and thin, and looks very energetic. David is a talented taecher who planned New Year's Festival last year. He told us that he likes acting and dancing,so he always copies some movie stars in class. David is also a strict teacher. He always punishes students for copying English words.I've been punished several times. But despite all that,I still love him.
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Share 2016-05-09
2016-5-9 23:20
Today was a terrible day. When I was on my way home by bike, my bike suddenly felled off the chain. ''Oh my God!'' I said in my heart. I don't know what to do next. ... Finally, I decided to give up my bike so I left it on the roadside. Then I was given a ride home. What a dog-ass day!
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Share 2016-05-08
2016-5-8 23:05
Today is Mother's Day.I wish my mothergood health and happiness forever. Mommy, I love you!
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