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Share Confucius Quotes that can change your view of the world
2017-3-28 23:05
The Analects of Confucius contain a lot of very inspirational and eyeopening quotes that can change the way you view certain aspects of life. Here is a list of some of the Confucius quotes that I thought were the strongest. I hope you enjoy reading them. It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. Humilit ...
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Share China Daily, 35 years on: your memories with us (by aixi)
2016-4-18 01:07
China Daily, 35 years on: your memories with us (by aixi)
I first discovered China Daily a few years ago. It was my first visit to China, andIwas waiting for my tour guide to arrive.Isat downin the lobby of the St. Regis, Beijing, and picked up an English-written newspaper with the title (in its famous capital whiteand blue letters) CHINA DAILY. Iopened the newspaper, and fromthatday on, in every hotelIvisited, when the staff asked me, "Would you like a newspaper delivered to your ...
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Share Why Study in China (Universities) FOR FOREIGNERS
2016-3-13 04:23
If you love China, are a foreigner, and want to study there for higher education, there are many opportunities for you. China may seem to some who don't know it well enough as a country with universities and schools with only Chinese programs, however there are many schools with special courses, programs, and classes, designed for foreigners who want to see China and learn more about its culture. Here is a list of some universities that offer programs for foreigners in China: Hong Kong Unive ...
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Share Differences Between Chinese and Western Children
2016-3-1 22:04
span .=Apple-tab-span /spanThere are many differences between China and the West, one of the biggest being the differences between the behavior and attitude of children. This is influenced by what the children see in society.divspan .=line-height: 1.8em;span .=Apple-tab-span /spanIn China, filial piety is incredibly important and is regular in society; you will see children being polite and respectful towards their parents, ...
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Share Learning Chinese
2016-2-17 03:46
My sister and I are both in the process of learning Chinese; we love the country, the language, the culture, and are probably going to be spending a lot of time in China in the future, therefore we have every reason you could think of for learning this fascinating language. Chinese is very difficult to learn once you go deeper into the basics of the language, and in a month my sister and I were already at a high level. We have many Chinese friends and speak and WeChat with them on a regular basi ...
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Share The Best Trip to China
2016-2-17 03:35
This summer, I traveled to China for a month and learned to love China as much as I could. Our Father was already well acquainted with China with work and friendship, and throughout his many years of seeing and loving China, we took our first family trip to China. I already had many relations with China and some wonderful Chinese friends before going to there. I had begun to learn Chinese with a teacher and my sister and was flourishing. The cities and activities I traveled with were: 1. Beij ...
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