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      • should Athletes have a hign salary? 2016-1-25 04:24

        In my opinion all pro-sport should be nationalized and the profits should be used to help fund the state. And no I do not believe that athletes should be able to have such large salaries - or anyone else. I am for an personal income cap.

        I have a theory that pro-sport stars salaries have been purposely encouraged to be increasingly ludicrous as a way of justifying the increasingly ludicrous salaries in other professions and of CEOs and their golden handshake deals and to make the profits being made on the stock market by the few seem less shocking than they actually are. It wasnt always the way that athletes made such incredible amounts of money - it is a recent thing. If you pay Shaq or Lebron $20 million per season then it doesnt seem as shocking for a CEO to be paid millions per year to run a company.

        But yeah - imagine if we nationalized pro-sports. Imagine the revenue the state could bring in.

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