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Report Donald_Trump 2018-3-3 00:16
Not many things are Genuine in an Election, only if its free.... BUT IT DOES CARRY A PUNCH!.   
I was back-and-fourth Hanoi, office spaced in Zhanjiang. The Mrs fell ill ended everything. Hey, CD,s platform pages has changed dramatically, even the Like buttons are removed. Great to be back!
Report seneca 2018-3-2 15:19
Donald_Trump: Hey ol buddy, congratulations on the winning one of the China Daily Most Valuable Members for 2017
Thanks, my friend, but you shouldn´t take it seriously. In years past it meant something. This past time the CD moderators did not even bother to hold a genuine election.

How are you? In one of your previous posts you told me that you were on assignment to Hanoi (or was it Zhanjiang?)
Report emilly50 2017-10-4 05:17
honey i like your profile so much please message me at my private box ( i have some thing important to tell you, my name is Miss Emilly Anthony, i promise to attach many my pics to u in my mailbox, or you give me ur own email here ok
Report Ashikujaman 2017-6-2 03:25
Donald_Trump: Forget the day's troubles. Remember the day's fortunes.
Thank you!
Report Ashikujaman 2017-5-18 10:15
Donald_Trump: Forget the day's troubles. Remember the day's fortunes.
Report samlam 2016-11-9 16:36
Trump has successfully become the president. It is a result you expected.
Report FreddyFong 2016-5-28 01:03
Donald_Trump: Your private message is creepy...I reported you .....
Freedom will soon come to China.
Report samlam 2016-1-22 07:52
Donald_Trump: :handshake
The day for the Americans citizens to decide the next president of America is coming. It is a fierce competition. I think you'll win quite a large number of the voters. You are brave enough to talk the things the public concern the most.
Report Donald_Trump 2016-1-6 17:24
Everybody wants me in the Whitehouse, not another corrupt politician.
Report Hillary_Clinton 2016-1-6 16:01
Everybody wants another four years of Clintons!!!
Report Jeb_Bush 2016-1-3 20:08
Donald_Trump: Donald, nobody like a loose cannon.
Nobody wants another 4 years of the Bush's failed policies.
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  • My mischievous Father and I, Happy Fathers Day Dad! 2016-6-10 15:29

    thanks for sharing your interesting story here, we would highlight it.

  • My mischievous Father and I, Happy Fathers Day Dad! 2016-6-8 21:33

    To those; I am receiving your Alerts but its not receiving when I click on it. I am assuming its a glitch thing. I thank you for reading this, it wasn't easy to write but it felt good afterwards. Things such as this blog, well, sometimes its the things we need to talk about most these days.

    Yours truly,

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