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Share I Want A Boyfriend
2015-12-25 23:55
Thisweekend,Iwatchedtwomoviescalled MyTimes and AJourneythroughTimewithAnthony. Theybothbelongtothestyleofloveandyouth,whichremindmeofmyhighschooltimes.Ifeelalittlesadandregretfulafterwatching.Yes,Ireallywanta&nb ...
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Share Traveling Deepens Friendship
2015-12-25 23:53
Nowadays,alargemajorityofpeoplehaveatendencytotravel,whichwillnotonlyentertainthemselvesbutalsobroadentheirhorizons.Mostimportantly,Isupposetravelingplaysanessentialroleinbuildingadeeprelationshipamongmyfriendsandme. Firstofall,t ...
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Share Just Go With It
2015-12-25 23:52
Today I watched a movie called JustGoWithIt which impresses me a lot. JustGoWithIt isalovecomedymoviemadeby DennisDugan ,awell-knownAmericandirector.Ithasenjoyedabigsuccessintermsofthesmashballofficeandthethemeofalltheplotsaswell. ...
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Share Bookreview On the Old Man and the Sea
2015-12-25 23:51
Yesterday , Ireadthenovel theOldManandtheSeaofHemingway, thefamouswriterofUSA. Hemignway, whowaseverawardedtheNobelLiteraturePrize, isacknowledgedoneofthebestnovelistsin1920s. Thisnovel, tosomedegree, foritspopular ...
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Share Sharing an apartment with roommates is a good choice
2015-12-25 23:49
Nowadays, thereexistsafiercedebateonwhetheruniversitystudentsshouldshareanapartmentwithroommates.Itishardto judgewhetheritiswrongornot, butIsupposesharing an apartmentwithroommatesisdefinitelyagoodchoice. Ontheonehand , ...
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Share Worry A Lot After the Exam
2015-12-25 23:44
This morning, I participated in a Mardarin Testing Exam ,which worried me a lot after that. Actually, it is an easy exam and students uaually don't spend too much time preparing it, even the hard-working ones. So do I.Before I entered the exam room, I reviewed what the training teacher told us and tried to calm down. Over and over again, I told myself to speak slowly and take it easy.When I took the exam ,it was indeed easy. However, strangely, I spoke a little f ...
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