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Share Attending the Closing Ceremony of Wen Yiduo Sinology
2016-1-11 00:40
Attending the Closing Ceremony of Wen Yiduo Sinology
WenYiduoSinologyisaplatformwhichaimstodevelopandpromotetheChinesetraditionalculturebyteachinguniversitystudentssinology.ItwassetupayearagoinWuhan,sponsoredbyCEO,XuXiaoping,whoisagenerousentrepreneur.Allhislife,hedesirestoc ...
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Share Can Money Buy Success?
2016-1-10 13:39
Can Money Buy Success?
In our childhood, we all heard about a famous fairy tale “Where is happiness”. The cute girl in the story took a long time to look for the answer, but eventually the answer was simple, as happiness was just surrounding her. It is said that life can’t last without money, but money can’t buy success in terms of health, friendship as well as family reunion. On the one hand, money can’t buy health, which is the basic aspect of happiness. Just as the famous saying goes, health is pr ...
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Share Giving Children Cell Phones
2016-1-10 12:21
Giving Children Cell Phones
Nowadays, in order to keep in touch perfectly with their children, an increasing number of parents tend to equip them with different kinds of cell phones. What they think about is just to provide an approach to communicate with kids as well as enrich their life by listening to music. If possible, they hope cell phones can explore children’s talents or imagination. Though the initial idea of parents is obviously simple, a great many problems still come up. First, instead of frequen ...
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Share Say Something about My Roommates
2016-1-9 16:38
Say Something about My Roommates
Thank God for meeting you at the most beautiful time, my dear roommates. You three are quite are quite different in terms of hobbies and personality. Whatever you are, I believe that I can learn something from all of you. Today, I don’t know why the motivation to say something about my roommates is so strong that all your figures are always moving back and forth in my mind. So let me grasp the opportunity to make a brief introduction of my roommates. First, this is Nina, a ...
Personal category: Emotion|1223 views|1 comments Popularity 1
Share Honesty, the Basic Policy
2016-1-9 16:33
Honesty, the Basic Policy
Over two thousand years ago, our philosophy Confucius ever said, “Man can’t survive without honesty”. Benjamin Franklin also held the view that “Honesty is the best policy.” Absolutely it is true. If a country is dishonest, then it will definitely lose the root to survive on the Earth. Similarly, if a man is dishonest, then he will fail to go further on the way. Anyway, we can’t attach more importance to the virtue of honesty. My family members are Christians, especi ...
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Share Give Up Travel For the Final Exam
2016-1-1 12:03
Give Up Travel For the Final Exam
Just as the famous saying goes, travel broadens the mind. And I think it absolutely does. I love splendid valleys and mountains, expecting myself a part of them. I yearn for the peaceful life in the countryside, with love and tranquility. I dream of being a member of the minority, enjoying the colorful atmosphere during some festivals. Since I entered my university, I have been ambitious to travel as many places of interests as I can. I nearly grasp every chance to rest and enrich m ...
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Share My Opinions on How to Succeed
2015-12-26 00:04
My Opinions on How to Succeed
Today,Iwatchedapowerfulspeech, BelieveintheFutur e,deliveredbyYuMinhong.Ihavetoadmitthatitgavememuchenergyandmotivationtogoforwardandthinkaboutmyownfuture.Actually,onmywaytogo,Yuhasalwaysbeenmymodelthat ...
Personal category: Experience|1720 views|12 comments Popularity 5
Share The Suitcase Could be Abale to Walk
2015-12-25 23:58
Whenthetrainwasleav ing ,afat-belliedfather tookaboxthroughthecheck-inentranceand gavetheconductorhisticketinahurry .He dressedinanovercoataswellasapairofpolishedleathershoesandw ore ablackhat . Becausehedidn’tw ...
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Share Have Hotpot With Roommates
2015-12-25 23:57
Timeflies!Anewyear2016isaroundthecornerbutIfeelalittleregretful sometimes .ItseemsthatIfailtodosomethingIreallydesiretodo.Forexample,Ihaven’ttraveledtoXiangyangandChibi;Ihaven’tbeentoStarbuck,sittingbythedelicate ...
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Share Enjoy Being A Volunteer
2015-12-25 23:56
AstimegoesbyandChinabecomesmoreandmorepowerful,ChinahassuccessfullyorganizedninegardenExpos.Currently,theTenthChinaInternationalGardenExpoisbeingheldinWuhan. InordertopromotetheGardenExpotodevelopsuccessfully,eachuniversityin ...
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