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Share Where there is mom, there is home
2016-2-1 22:55
Where there is mom, there is home
What is home? In the past few years, I haven’t developed the concept of home. Or frankly speaking, I still get confused about where my home is. Whereas during this winter holiday, I eventually understand that where there is mom, there is home. As this winter holiday was approaching, I was not worried or nervous as before. Why? Because I know that I will stay with only my mom and spend the Spring Festival together. For me, it is the most merriest moment which I haven’t experi ...
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Share Daddy Long Legs
2016-1-24 14:44
Daddy Long Legs
It has been acknowledged that the book Daddy Long Legs is a must for maidens’ growth. One of the reason is that brimful love and warmth reflected by that book could definitely appeal to readers, and even move them. With great interests, I read the book yesterday, and share something I learned with you. The author, Jean Webster, is a great American woman, as well as the nephew of Mark Twin. At college, she devoted himself to the community and often contributed her articles to the loc ...
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Share Why is this winter so chilly?
2016-1-22 19:35
Why is this winter so chilly?
Well,I have to admit that this winter is really chilly, and I am typing all these words in the bed right now. It looks as if I were living in the ice cave, because cold wind is always blowing, making all my body in the cold even indoors. Only staying in the bed can I feel a little bit of warmth. Due to the cold weather, I would rather stay in the dormitory than go outside. Now, I am still in Wuhan, and it will be two days before I go home. Alone in the dorm as well as the bad weather, I bec ...
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Share Success ---By Zhou Guoping
2016-1-22 19:18
Success                     ---By Zhou Guoping
When you begin setting your life goal, the first one should be excellence, and the second one is success. Excellence is one’s internal character, which includes the respectable quality and genuine talents. The life of an excellent man is full of much significance. Even if he is a failure in the vanity fair, he still takes the possession of his spiritual life. A commonplace man, on the contrary, is just rushing at his life, or better life, though he is a successor in the vanity fair. Ac ...
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Share Internet Thinking+Baked Sweet Potatoes
2016-1-22 19:08
Internet Thinking+Baked Sweet Potatoes
Yesterday, I read a piece of the latest news about the internet thinking and baked sweet potatoes, which made a deep impression on me. The news tells a story about a grandpa who sells his baked sweet potato by means of the internet thinking. It couldn’t be more familiar to all of us that lots of the older often ride a tricycle and sell baked sweet potatoes on the cold street every winter. We, the shopping-strollers, will buy a baked sweet potato, which tastes really yummy and may remind yo ...
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Share One-Week Trip
2016-1-21 10:44
One-Week Trip
How fast time flies! Here I have just come back from Xiangyang and can’t wait to tell you something that happened on the trip. Our trip throughout Jingzhou, Yichang as well as Xiangyang lasted for six days. All the way, we, Garbrela and me, went through many different things that were worth noting. For the first two days, we stayed in Jingzhou and lived in a small hotel. Together with my partner Garbrela, I paid a visit to the Old City Wall and v ...
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Share My Favorite Flower
2016-1-21 10:06 “Nothing could ever stand/ between you and the free land/ In a life of laissez-aller/all worries were blown away … ”Every time I listen to the song, the Blue Lotus, I will feel a sense of tranquility. My favorite flower is the blue lotus, and my love for it lasts for about eight years. I have been into this kind of flower since I was in the middle school, after I heard Xu Wei’s song, the Blue Lotus. ...
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Share The Touching Moment
2016-1-12 23:28
Thismorning, whenIwokeupandvisitedmyweibo,Inoticeaseriesofmovingphotosattachedtosometouchingwords.Ireadtheseattentivelyfromtoptobottom,leadingmeintomeditation.Idon ’ tknowwhy,buttheydotouchmyheartgreatly.HereI ’ ...
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Share Comments on Puss in Boots
2016-1-12 22:30
Yesterday, I watched a cartoon movie called Puss in Boots, which impressed me a lot. This is an adventurous and humorous movie, directed by John Clark Donahue and John Driver. Whatever your age is, I believe for sure that it can easily remind you of your imaginary childhood. And to some degree, the movie will teach you something about life. The main character is puss in boots, who has a strong sense of justice and is always ready to help the weak. He tries to act cute and makes funn ...
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Share Fancy This Winter Holiday
2016-1-12 00:26
Fancy This Winter Holiday
Atthemoment,Iamlisteningtomyfavoritemusic, Sayyou,sayme, sungbyLionelRichie.Yes,nowIamquiteexcitedandenjoyableasIjustfinishedmylastexam,whichmarksthebeginningofmywinterholiday. Thisholidaywilllastforabout5 ...
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