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Share Do Digital Red Envelopes Tarnish Tradition?
2016-3-22 12:35
Do Digital Red Envelopes Tarnish Tradition?
It was considered an exciting and expecting thing to receive hongbaos during the Spring Festival , red envelops filled with lucky money, from senior family members in my childhood. Nowadays, however, as the technology develops rapidly and online payment services are thriving, most people are engaged in taking part in the carnival of grabbing digital red envelops. Personally, this kind of craze will tarnish our tradition in term of the change of content and form. Digital red envelops wi ...
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Share Touching China
2016-3-5 21:02
Touching China
We have been taught that helping others will benefit ourselves as well since we were in the kindergarten. Just as the old saying goes, the rose's in her hand, the flavor in mine. At the same time, we are easily get moved into tears by some trivial but touching deeds most times, as some people do make great difference to our world. Every year, I will watch Touching China, a TV program held annually to honor ten persons who do heroic deeds to our nation last year. Every time I watch it, I wil ...
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Share Eat Rice Dumplings Healthily
2016-2-19 16:38
Eat Rice Dumplings Healthily
As the Lantern Festival is approaching, it is widely acceptable for us to eat rice dumplings, which is also called “tangyuan”or “yuanxiao” in Chinese. Eating this kind of dish on that day seems to be a tradition, as it symbolizes family reunion and happiness, but rarely do we know how to eat rice dumplings healthily. Recently, it is said that eating three rice dumplings equals the amount of the rape oil which can be cooked a dish. How unbelievable! This piece of news does shock lot of r ...
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Share Choose the One That Loves Me, or I Love
2016-2-16 16:37
Choose the One That Loves Me, or I Love
Throughout the long history, we gradually come to a conclusion that marriage is more art than science. Everyone in the marriage is a green hand that needs to learn more if he wants to manage a successful marriage. Even for us girls that have been educated well, marriage is just like an adventurous journey and we are sometimes afraid to attempt. My roommates and I often get together in our leisure time, to discuss something about love and marriage. We may ask some questions, for example, “w ...
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Share Spend the Spring Festival in Dali
2016-2-13 20:48
Spend the Spring Festival in Dali
As all the ethic groups in China communicate with each other currently, culture of different peoples becomes more and more similar. And so does the Bai minority people in Dali. It is acknowledged that Dali has a long history. After the Kingdom of Nan Zhao, Duan Siping established the Kingdom of Dali. “li” this Chinese word refers to good manners, indicating the hope of the king that makes his country a prosperous and civilized place. With time going by, now his people really make a happy ...
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Share Attachment Parenting
2016-2-12 22:10
Attachment Parenting
These days, I have watched several foreign movies, such as A Different Father, The Last Journey, No se Aceptan Devolucion es and so on. These are mostly about the moving moments between parents and children, which touch my heart greatly. They use their experience to educate kids how to survive and how to be a valuable person. Every time they teach their children in a thought-provoking way, I will be sunk into a deep thought about Chinese education and parenting style I, ever living as a nat ...
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Share How to Make the Pineapple Rice
2016-2-11 13:25
How to Make the Pineapple Rice
One of my roommates comes from Xishuangbanna, which has a subtropical climate and is affluent in pineapples. She often recommends the pineapple rice in her hometown for us and shows us the attractive pictures of the pineapple rice. Every time she refers to the pineapple rice, I just can’t help wondering that one day I can visit Xishuangbana to have a taste of that kind of yummy dish. Specifically speaking, I have expected the pineapple rice for more than one year. The reason why I fail to ...
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Share Dogs,indeed our loyal friends
2016-2-4 11:30
Dogs,indeed our loyal friends
Yesterday evening, I watched a movie named Harchi, A Dog’s Tales, which gave me an unexpected surprise. Indeed, I was greatly moved into tears by the dog’s loyalty and kindness. Frankly speaking, I formerly had no special feelings for dogs.It is common in my hometown that nearly every family has a dog to guard their yards. Thus, I rarely feel dogs are unique, or something different. It can’t be denied that dogs actually make big contributions to our home. Even so, maybe because I a ...
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Share My Life Without Wi-Fi
2016-2-1 23:13
My Life Without Wi-Fi
As this winter holiday was approaching, I couldn’t wait to come to Dali and see my mother. However, because the place where I live is along the high mountains and has low signals, it has no access to the Internet. OMG! What if my life without Wi-Fi? Having been long accustomed to the Internet life, I can’t imagine my holiday life without Wi-Fi. During the first two days, having not getting over from the long journey, I spend most time sleeping and watching movies downloaded ...
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Share Fish, my favorite dish
2016-2-1 23:01
Fish, my favorite dish
For Chinese, fish is one indispensable dish on the menu during big festivals. Among lots of dishes, I enjoy fish very much. According to the current medical research, in addition to the symbol of luck and wealth, fish has numerous benefits for our health. Firstly, eating fish can protect our eyesight. It is said that the decline of the central retina is the common reason why the eyesight of the old fail. Well, fish is abundant in fat acid, which can better lower the risk of the mutation of ...
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