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Share Read Poems in the Sun
2016-12-10 20:00
Read Poems in the Sun
Thanks for the brilliant weather these days that I can enjoy the beautiful sunshine in winter. At noon, besides remembering TEM-8 words and listening to pleasing music, I also ream poems by Yeats, a romantic poet in Ireland. Every moment I read his poem, When you are old, l ots of mixed feelings crowd into my mind. Sometimes, I may be moved to tears, especially when the rhythm of the song, when you are old , plays. After knowing about Yeats ’ ...
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Share Back in Winter
2016-12-10 19:48
Back in Winter
Time to fly Time to rush Last winter I fully expressed myself here Now this winter with the precious sunshine No more classes No much School Union work Despite the approaching exams I wanna write something here all of a sudden Merely share my stories in my leisure time Never have a passion like that to do one thing Miss all of you guys sit on the ground with the bright sunshine footloose and enjoyable
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Share Charming Jiangyong
2016-7-23 11:10
Charming Jiangyong
Two weeks ago, in order to know more about the Women’s Script, our social practice, we paid a visit to Jiangyong County in Hunan. I am totally marveled at the natural beauty—the green mountains, the flowing rivers, the vast green plants, the plain cottages as well as the friendly villagers. All the scenery is just like a vigorous picture, a pure land. If possible, I wish I would live here, living a simple but enjoyable life, no much noise, no much struggle, and no much evil. ...
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Share Flood can’t destroy our hope and love
2016-7-6 20:05
Flood can’t destroy our hope and love
I have never expected a natural disaster that will occur to me, but the flood in Wuhan this time really shocks me. Actually, for about half a month, it has been raining in Wuhan, and we don’t pay much attention to that,for everything goes well, except for the inconvenient transportation. Also, the continuous rain is a good opportunity to decrease the high temperature of the previous time properly. From yesterday evening, however, the non-stop rain suddenly worsened the situation, ...
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Share Take Care of Your Heart
2016-6-19 15:33
Take Care of Your Heart
Someone ever said, “Don‘t try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to.” Nevertheless, for us girls, we tend to think further and expect too much of love when we haven’t found the right person. Exactly during that period, we ought to take care of our heart in case of being hurt, just because of strong desire for love. Taking me for example, in spite of some weaknesses, I still consider myself a passionate and confident girl. I am keen on cooking, traveling, readi ...
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Share Efficiency? Yes!
2016-5-15 00:08
What is efficiency? Wikipedia tells us that efficiency is the ability to avoid wasting materials, energy, efforts, money, and time in doing something or in producing a desired result. In a more general sense, it is the ability to do things well, successfully, and without waste. Absolutely, efficiency is the essential factor to consider when people make a decision or implement a task. Especially for leaders, efficiency values most not only in the meeting but also in the process of work. At the ...
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Share Look on the Bright Side
2016-5-5 06:56
Look on the Bright Side
When a person suffers the ups and downs in life, he may have a relatively clear understanding of the meaning about the whole life. That is: however hard and complicated it is, you should look on the bright side. Just as the well-known saying goes, Sunshineisalwaysin therain. If you fail to look on the bright side, but immerse yourself in the failure and depression, then the sunshine will be always far away from you. We can ’ t deny that people have a tendency to ...
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Share Say No to the Temptation of Entertaining TV Shows
2016-5-3 13:17
Currently, entertaining TV shows have gained great popularity among youngsters, which throws a big temptation for our daily life. It is not unusual to see that a large number of college students are immersed in watching entertaining TV shows. This obviously brings considerable disadvantages to their social life, major learning as well as personal values. Students ’ social life is overwhelmingly influenced, as they focus more on the gossips of popular stars, and that is actually n ...
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Share Fall for Jiangnan
2016-4-24 16:38
Fall for Jiangnan
Last month, I paid a visit to Jiangsu and Shang along with my roommate. The first moment I saw the peaceful and tranquil landscape, I seemed to get into a picture—the flowing river, the white and plain house, the old but clean road, the flourished market, the friendly folks and so on. All these just like a magnet, appealing me to settle down there in the future. For me, it just like paradise, a perfect place for the freedom-pursuing men to work and live in. How about you guys ...
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Share British Darkest Taboos
2016-3-28 19:49
British Darkest Taboos
In a series of British Darkest Taboos, I’ve heard of a scaring and tragic story that took place in Caterham--- Fourteen-year-old Breck was lured to his death by eighteen-year-old Lewis on Feb.17th,2014. Actually, Breck and Lewis were just net friends, who both were addicted to playing computer games. Before they acquainted, Breck was a cute and smart boy, while Lewis was mentally unhealthy because of poor upbringings. In order to gain Breck’s trust, Lewis talked to him in a friendly way and t ...
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