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Flood can’t destroy our hope and love

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I have never expected a natural disaster that will occur to me, but the flood in Wuhan this time really shocks me.

Actually, for about half a month, it has been raining in Wuhan, and we don’t pay much attention to that,for everything goes well, except for the inconvenient transportation. Also, the continuous rain is a good opportunity to decrease the high temperature of the previous time properly. 

From yesterday evening, however, the non-stop rain suddenly worsened the situation, filling the whole city with the high-above-ground water everywhere. The moment I wake up today, I hear the horrible and scaring thunder, with the sound of rain. When I open the Wifi and browse the Wechat, OMG, all the Wuhan has become a flood city, and the rain has caused disastrous results. 

Surprisingly, all the information about the flood bombards us all of a sudden. We are told that the listening exam, which should be held this morning, has been called off and the exact date is not certain. That means when to have a summer holiday is still a mystery, and what’s worse, we may be forced to change our ticket to home. From the update news and pictures, we can clearly see that the whole campus is surrounded with “vast sea”, the road disappearing with the high-level lake. Worse still, all the transportation including the public bus, the subway, planes and trains break down completely, which poses a dramatic threat to our departure. In the countryside, the land, the houses, and the trees are washed away, leaving the villagers in risk. Such cruel scenes are too many to count. Nearly one night and one morning, I feel myself in a refugee camp for the first time.

Well, the flood can’t still destroy our hope and love. Though it is raining heavily, the diligent students here still insist on going to the self-learning room to prepare for the final. Some wait in the dorm to wait for the latest information, and our teachers always inform us of the potential dangers and care about our safety all the time. One of my classmates from Police Academy tells me that they put many sand bags o the dangerous place to reduce the effect of flood at 11:00 yesterday evening. What makes me moved is that our Premier Li Keqiang rushes to Wuhan immediately, visits the trapped villagers and guides the local people to fight against the flood. The scene reminds me of some of our great premiers, Wen Jiabao, Zhu Rongji and so on.

Confronted with disasters, our country don’t abandon us, and instead they are with us for ever. Love, like the the light in the darkness, guides us to the bright world, and gives us support and faith. God bless us! May the flood go away fast and everybody here be well.

our play ground becomes a swimming pool.

the broken tree and the above-ground lake

Our underground parking lot is flooded with water

the splendid scenery of vast sea in my school

students rush to the self-learing room to prepare for the final.

the great plicemen

our respected Premier

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Reply Report Funny-boy 2017-10-18 10:55
Maybe the government shall try them best to improve the WuHan city drain system. It will heip citizen to against the nature disaster

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