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Efficiency? Yes!

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What is efficiency? Wikipedia tells us that efficiency is the ability to avoid wasting materials, energy, efforts, money, and time in doing something or in producing a desired result. In a more general sense, it is the ability to do things well, successfully, and without waste. Absolutely, efficiency is the essential factor to consider when people make a decision or implement a task. Especially for leaders, efficiency values most not only in the meeting but also in the process of work.
At the moment, I am really interested in this topic--the importance of efficiency in the School Union, and express myself in this way. Actually, today I am occupied with lots of assignments. I took the class, Accounting, all the day as I minor in the Finance and Trade. After that, I, as a judge, was called to watch the shows the students of our department would perform for an annual evening party, and then point out where they should improve. In fact, because of only ten shows, I have planned to finish watching the shows at about 8:00 pm, and then go back to the dorm to carry out my schedule--take the online class, Market Leader Interactive; read Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper; listening to music and sleep.
Can you imagine what happened then? At the end of the performance, our chairman of the School Union mentioned another task--design and put some pictures and words in the building hall. Then we, group of the chairman, together measured the size of the walls and talked how to design these walls in an original way. We decided to divide into three groups and each made one practical plan. OK, I thought it would be over, but that was not that way. He guided us to the meeting room, and let us think it specifically, or especially how to design it. Strangely, two girls should talk about the design in more details, for about forty minutes.
Oh, man! Just at that moment, I was totally speechless...I still had numerous things to do. Now that you have divided us into three groups and decided on the deadline, we promise accomplishing the task in time. As a vice president, we are supposed to bear the responsibility to do what we should, but why do you still waste our time to do some useless and unmeaningful things? Why don’t you lead us think instead of making the other two girls talking about the plan? Why don’t you make full preparations in advance and inform us of some necessary tasks? Don’t you understand how irritated and bored of us sitting there, hating thinking anything that time?
Unlike you, you can fail the subjects and contribute most of your time to the School Union, but we can’t. We have to learn well, live well, the School Union is just a platform for us to improve our comprehensive skills and anneal ourselves, but not the whole life of our college. We can say, at this position we have chosen, we will do our best to make a few contributions for our department in the spare time. However, We reject doing things at the cost of wasting time and energy.
I think I have great sense of responsibility--Once there is something that is my duty, I will do it immediately and perfectly. I have passion and power to finish all the tasks that are allocated to me, I hope I can finish them within my scheduled time. Or I mean I dislike doing things that cost too much unnecessary time, which is a waste of my life. I hate doing things at the time when I am not in the mood. If a task can be done with relative short time, there is no need doing it with more time. We all know that, the excess time is just used to do things irrelevant to the topic, such as laughing, gossiping, and so on. 
In an economic view, the opportunity cost of the excess time is hard to calculate. Economic teaches me whenever doing a thing, the first you should remember is the opportunity cost, and then to balance which choice is perfect. Only in this way can time be effectively and efficiently made use of. 
How precious is time for us! Life is not long, we have much to do, so why not focus on the efficiency of time when you make a decision? 

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