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Say Something about My Roommates

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Thank God for meeting you at the most beautiful time, my dear roommates. You three are quite are quite different in terms of hobbies and personality. Whatever you are, I believe that I can learn something from all of you.

Today, I don’t know why the motivation to say something about my roommates is so strong that all your figures are always moving back and forth in my mind. So let me grasp the opportunity to make a brief introduction of my roommates.

First, this is Nina, a girl from the same city as I. She is surely an encouraging girl and spends most of her time focus on studying. She works really hard in an attempt to get the scholarship. At the same time, she is always in the pursuit of her dreams to be admitted to Beijing Foreign Studies University as a undergraduate. When it comes to the reason, it is from a beautiful love story. She has been in love with a boy in that university, but taking all factors into careful consideration, she thinks that she is not a good match for him. If she manages dating with him, she has to be very excellent in one particular field. What a inspiring story! According to her experience, I get greatly motivated and more firm in my own dream on the way to move forward.

Second, it is Anne, who is a very different girl in many ways. I have to admit that she speaks a fluent and beautiful English, which envies me much. In addition, she has a good command of debating skills and has won lots of fierce debating contests. Moreover, due to the dissatisfaction of some social issues, she is ambitious to become a reporter, just like Bai Yansong, to speak for those who are in trouble. OMG, she is a pretty with blonde hair and cute face and lips, which impress people deeply. However, just one thing, she is keen on the entertainment gossips and junk series. Everyday she spends much energy in watching soap operas, always leaving other important things aside. Maybe if she can overcome these small short-backs, she can be a perfect girl with limitless potential.

Third, this is a tough girl! I mean it is so difficult for me to describe what she is really like. Until now, I still couldn’t understand her life style. Almost every day, she has the similar routine. After having meals, she will lie in the bed and play computer games, or read the junk novels. This can last for one day if nothing else needs to be done. When we refer to the delicious dishes, she has a nice appetite. Unlike other fashionable girls, she spends most of her money on eating and playing instead of delicate clothes. As for study, she won’t make the most of time to learn some knowledge unless she has to prepare for the final exam. You know sometimes I really can’t read her and wonder whether she has her dreams. What’s the meaning of staying at the university for her? I even get confused where she is going to head for in the future. Even when I couldn’t put up with her staying at bed all day, I wish I had magic that can change her just a little.

But she has still some merits, such as strong expressions and a sense of humor. The laughter and funny words that she does every day really add the active atmosphere to our dorm life. She is often confident and carefree, enjoying living in her own comfortable world.

Such are my roommates who have quite different characteristics. Anyway, I will treasure them as my best gifts. Thank you, again.

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Reply Report Swifty55 2017-8-20 20:36
Was nice to meet your roomates. Thanks

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