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Share Charming Jiangyong
Echo/hanhan 2016-7-23 11:10
Charming Jiangyong
Two weeks ago, in order to know more about the Women’s Script, our social practice, we paid a visit to Jiangyong County in Hunan. I am totally marveled at the natural beauty—the green mountains, the flowing rivers, the vast green plants, the plain cottages as well as the friendly villagers. All the scenery is just like a vigorous picture, a pure land. If possible, I wish I would live here, living a simple but enjoyable life, no much noise, no much struggle, and no much evil. ...
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Share Flood can’t destroy our hope and love
Echo/hanhan 2016-7-6 20:05
Flood can’t destroy our hope and love
I have never expected a natural disaster that will occur to me, but the flood in Wuhan this time really shocks me. Actually, for about half a month, it has been raining in Wuhan, and we don’t pay much attention to that,for everything goes well, except for the inconvenient transportation. Also, the continuous rain is a good opportunity to decrease the high temperature of the previous time properly. From yesterday evening, however, the non-stop rain suddenly worsened the situation, ...
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Share Fall for Jiangnan
Echo/hanhan 2016-4-24 16:38
Fall for Jiangnan
Last month, I paid a visit to Jiangsu and Shang along with my roommate. The first moment I saw the peaceful and tranquil landscape, I seemed to get into a picture—the flowing river, the white and plain house, the old but clean road, the flourished market, the friendly folks and so on. All these just like a magnet, appealing me to settle down there in the future. For me, it just like paradise, a perfect place for the freedom-pursuing men to work and live in. How about you guys ...
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Share Spend the Spring Festival in Dali
Echo/hanhan 2016-2-13 20:48
Spend the Spring Festival in Dali
As all the ethic groups in China communicate with each other currently, culture of different peoples becomes more and more similar. And so does the Bai minority people in Dali. It is acknowledged that Dali has a long history. After the Kingdom of Nan Zhao, Duan Siping established the Kingdom of Dali. “li” this Chinese word refers to good manners, indicating the hope of the king that makes his country a prosperous and civilized place. With time going by, now his people really make a happy ...
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Share How to Make the Pineapple Rice
Echo/hanhan 2016-2-11 13:25
How to Make the Pineapple Rice
One of my roommates comes from Xishuangbanna, which has a subtropical climate and is affluent in pineapples. She often recommends the pineapple rice in her hometown for us and shows us the attractive pictures of the pineapple rice. Every time she refers to the pineapple rice, I just can’t help wondering that one day I can visit Xishuangbana to have a taste of that kind of yummy dish. Specifically speaking, I have expected the pineapple rice for more than one year. The reason why I fail to ...
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Share One-Week Trip
Echo/hanhan 2016-1-21 10:44
One-Week Trip
How fast time flies! Here I have just come back from Xiangyang and can’t wait to tell you something that happened on the trip. Our trip throughout Jingzhou, Yichang as well as Xiangyang lasted for six days. All the way, we, Garbrela and me, went through many different things that were worth noting. For the first two days, we stayed in Jingzhou and lived in a small hotel. Together with my partner Garbrela, I paid a visit to the Old City Wall and v ...
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Share Attending the Closing Ceremony of Wen Yiduo Sinology
Echo/hanhan 2016-1-11 00:40
Attending the Closing Ceremony of Wen Yiduo Sinology
WenYiduoSinologyisaplatformwhichaimstodevelopandpromotetheChinesetraditionalculturebyteachinguniversitystudentssinology.ItwassetupayearagoinWuhan,sponsoredbyCEO,XuXiaoping,whoisagenerousentrepreneur.Allhislife,hedesirestoc ...
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Share Honesty, the Basic Policy
Echo/hanhan 2016-1-9 16:33
Honesty, the Basic Policy
Over two thousand years ago, our philosophy Confucius ever said, “Man can’t survive without honesty”. Benjamin Franklin also held the view that “Honesty is the best policy.” Absolutely it is true. If a country is dishonest, then it will definitely lose the root to survive on the Earth. Similarly, if a man is dishonest, then he will fail to go further on the way. Anyway, we can’t attach more importance to the virtue of honesty. My family members are Christians, especi ...
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Share Give Up Travel For the Final Exam
Echo/hanhan 2016-1-1 12:03
Give Up Travel For the Final Exam
Just as the famous saying goes, travel broadens the mind. And I think it absolutely does. I love splendid valleys and mountains, expecting myself a part of them. I yearn for the peaceful life in the countryside, with love and tranquility. I dream of being a member of the minority, enjoying the colorful atmosphere during some festivals. Since I entered my university, I have been ambitious to travel as many places of interests as I can. I nearly grasp every chance to rest and enrich m ...
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Share My Opinions on How to Succeed
Echo/hanhan 2015-12-26 00:04
My Opinions on How to Succeed
Today,Iwatchedapowerfulspeech, BelieveintheFutur e,deliveredbyYuMinhong.Ihavetoadmitthatitgavememuchenergyandmotivationtogoforwardandthinkaboutmyownfuture.Actually,onmywaytogo,Yuhasalwaysbeenmymodelthat ...
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