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Iniquitous Demolition

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Nowadays sees a company of demolition cases,most of which made people afire with anger and indignation.

Now the demolition befalls our village with over five hundred households,but we are hard done by the governments concerned:there are different demolition precentages between our living space and the corresponding space compensated by the local government: 0.6:1, 0.65:1, 0.7:1, 0.95:1, etc. To the best of my knowledge, the demolition precentage should be on an equal footing, is our village an only exception on the planet? We are not from Mars!!!We are from the earth!!!

What makes us flare up is that the government does not even compensate us a cent in respect of our lands and heads.

A source close to the demolition said that about RMB 400,000,000  payment had been allocated to our village for all compensation, resettlement and what not.What an immense amount!

All my villagers wonder why the local govenrment declares repeatedly that there is no compensation payments in the very least for us,which is a bigger question.

Another source said that all the officers in the town government can get an apartment by taking the chance of our village's demolition.

We have a severe question to ask the local government: how could we boil the pot in the new environment without lands and any compensation payments? 98% of our village are farmers, they live on lands being their life blood,without lands, how could they earn their keeps? We have to admit that relocation will bring greats changes to us and make our village acquire a completely new outlook,but the most significant question is how to make people live better than before,we don't want to see the relocation will make us back to the state before the liberation and the founding of New China.

WE only and just want what we should get,which is enough!

The day has eyes and the night has ears,I religiously exhort the local government to implement the demolition and resettlement plan in all seriousness and with a clear conscience, otherwise you will pay for it.

Live and let live!

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  • The Sun or the Moon? 2019-3-29 19:47

    Nice story! and It does make a sense.  Being grateful in our every life  arms us with happiness and confidence.

  • Aluminiferous Fried Seeds 2014-5-26 22:32

    The egg with hard shell must be safe !

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