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Share The finale between Scylla and Charybdis
2013-2-8 20:10
The finale between Scylla and Charybdis
Dear everyone, For starters, I must delivermyprofound thankfulness to those who fasten their attention to my blog titled How will youchoose between Scylla and Charybdis?especially those furnishing me with better and constructive recommendations, DSseeing, linlinlinlin and 朴熙妍 in particular. In the second instance, it is Chinese New Year Eve tomorrow, there is less and less time left for me to think it through, I have to make a choice between Scylla and Ch ...
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Share A miracle of a new life birth
2013-2-3 17:53
A miracle of a new life birth
I must share a piece of the best news with all of you--My daughter-Siri came into the world at long last. I have attached three Siri's various pics for your appreciation. When my wife(Jade) was delivering Siri,I have been accompanying her all the way,I deeply and profoundly witnessed and experienced the entire process of a new life birth, way too exciting but suffering! The durationfrom Jade's prenatal discomfort to parturition is approx ten hours and 10 minutes, which is much lon ...
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  • The Sun or the Moon? 2019-3-29 19:47

    Nice story! and It does make a sense.  Being grateful in our every life  arms us with happiness and confidence.

  • Aluminiferous Fried Seeds 2014-5-26 22:32

    The egg with hard shell must be safe !

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