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Share Rats! Rats! Rats!
2013-3-11 20:44
Rats! Rats! Rats!
These days, a source from a microblog said the charge against Li Tianyi’s gang rape is ill-founded; the reason is that Li Tianyi raped the victim first; such kind of sour vindication is sheer dogshit! WE were not born yesterday! Never throw us off the scent! Therefore, some professional lawyers stood out to contradict the rumor and said: “there is no gang rape crime in our law, but rape crime, gang rape shall be constituted if it is committed by two or more peo ...
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Share No Children for the Low-educated
2013-3-3 18:33
No Children for the Low-educated
Hailed as China's philanthropist model, Chenguangbiaodished out his proposal on family planning policy that people without getting the nine-year compulsory education should not have a baby,those receiving secondary education can have only one baby,and those above a high school education can have babies as they think fit. But as for some remote regions,the basic fertility right should be guaranteed. I beg to differ with Mr.Chen in this regard. Making a baby ...
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Share Laughin' at AA
2013-2-26 22:38
Laughin' at AA
Most of filmmakers are awfully dying for winning the Oscars, cuz it embodies the highest recognition and affirmation overthier abilities, and above all, the award winner will wear the aura of the Oscars henceforward—a lifetime pass to show biz. However, it’s overwhelmingly and exceedingly difficult for filmmakers from China mainland to win the Oscars,making us reminiscent of the Nobel involuntarily; it seems that the Oscar and the Nobel have been again ...
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Share Aluminiferous Fried Seeds
2013-2-25 19:07
Aluminiferous Fried Seeds
Do you dare to eat such fried seeds as sunflower seeds,pumpkin seeds,melon seeds,etc? People voiced their sense of fear over fried seeds,which issues in people's concerns over the alums and French chalk. The quality supervision department in Suzhou carried out random inspections on fried seeds from the market,finding that all the sampled seven kinds of seeds contained aluminum without exception. According to industry insider, some pushers adds the alums whe ...
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Share Boiling with anger
2013-2-23 16:03
Boiling with anger
These two days, Lishuangjiang's son was headlined in leading newspapers and magazines.This is the second time that Litian had been spolighted by people and newspapers for ignominious matters. Litian was suspected of gang rape. I firmly and strongly maintain that most of us must wonder why Litian did not distill serious lessons from his last road rage assult case on Sep.6,2011,which affords us much more food for thought. I'd like to offer Litian some old Chinese sayings:a ...
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  • The Sun or the Moon? 2019-3-29 19:47

    Nice story! and It does make a sense.  Being grateful in our every life  arms us with happiness and confidence.

  • Aluminiferous Fried Seeds 2014-5-26 22:32

    The egg with hard shell must be safe !

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