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Share The Sun or the Moon?
oncle hugo 2014-11-16 16:46
In a Jewish story, one day someone put a question to an elderly gentleman: Which is more important, the sun or the moon? “The moon", the old man replied after his second thought. Why? Coz the moon gives out light in the night, when we do need lights, but the sun shines in the day when the daylight is already enough. You may deride the old man’s answer, however, sleep on it, surely it doesn’t mean that most of us echo his answer? Those living in the g ...
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Share Be patient to see out this picture
oncle hugo 2013-3-15 23:20
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Share Iniquitous Demolition
oncle hugo 2013-2-24 20:03
Iniquitous Demolition
Nowadays sees a company of demolition cases,most of which made people afire with anger and indignation. Now the demolition befalls our village with over five hundred households,but we are hard done by the governments concerned:there are different demolition precentages between our living space and the corresponding space compensated by the local government: 0.6:1, 0.65:1, 0.7:1, 0.95:1, etc. To the best of my knowledge, the demolition precentage should be on an equal footi ng, is our villa ...
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Share Love-Our Standing Dish
oncle hugo 2013-2-21 17:18
Love-Our Standing Dish
First I have to expound the reason why I'm determined to write this blog: Mr.DSseeing's comments on my blog titled Unspeakable Parting Taste spurs me to blog our human's eternal topic-LOVE. I have been reexamining myself all of these days whether I am a responsible husband and father in word and deed,however,the result is that I am not much of aresponsible husband and father,even a filial son,there is a long long way for me to go in days to come. Sp ...
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Share Unspeakable Parting Taste
oncle hugo 2013-2-19 20:58
Unspeakable Parting Taste
I am of the very opinion thatalmost all of usmust experience the flavor of multifarious parting, which is kind of an overturned cruet. Maybe someone noticed that I did not blog in recent days,cuz I just went thru the heart-rended parting with my wife and 51-day's old daughter on Feb.17.Cuz I had to resume my work on Feb.18 out of my province. I wish the time when I spend with my wife and daughter could be frozen,so that we could be together. I hate the arrival of par ...
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Share How will you choose between Scylla and Charybdis?
oncle hugo 2013-2-4 20:08
How will you choose between Scylla and Charybdis?
Have you ever been on the horns of a dilemma? How will you respond to suck kind of tangled contexts? For my money,everyone hates to be in a bind. Now I am confronting a conflictive situation:my wife delivered a daughter 36 days ago, cuz her uncle has better and solid relationships with the director of obstetrics and gynecology of the hospital,so we went to my father-in-law's home for delivery. After delivery,given that my daughter was born for two days,and my wife ju ...
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Share Strokes to Frustrate Jealousness
oncle hugo 2013-1-25 15:22
Being a mal-psychology, jealousness ,more often than not ,results in cutting off one's nose to spite one's (own)face. People are booked for heartburn and dudgeon over other achievers and young beauties. Well, how to frustrate jealousness? Imprimis, never take the strengths of others and compared them to your weaknesses, cuz it is but the root cause that breeds jealousness. The psychologist warns us that others' possessions have no bearing on us. The number of successful personages will not dec ...
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Share Life Philosophy
oncle hugo 2013-1-24 17:11
To an exigence,pls say slowly,to a big event,pls say crisply,to a trifle,pls say drolly,and to a bird in the bush,pls say hooly. Don't wag your tongue at the unhappened and the unattainable; never say what causes harm to others; mind your p's and q's at others'things; let your heart listen to your own things; never say the current things until you experience them; the time will tell us about the future.
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Share Self-reflection
oncle hugo 2013-1-24 17:09
Rethink your faults half the time while sitting still; never talks about others’ mistakes when chatting; the aspirants are inured to hardships; whoever ready to suffer losses is not senseless; your respect to a man of honor makes you the salt of the earth; being terrified of villains does not make you a wimp; Tolerance makes space and heartsease.
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Share Come Back Home Oft
oncle hugo 2013-1-24 17:02
Come Back Home Oft Spare some free time, Take your kids home oft, With your smiles and wishes, Accompany your spouse home oft, Mom's words fail to stop, Dad prepares a big meal, Share your life woriies with mom, Communicate your work with dad.
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