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Share Bro,just let us dream of you
2013-8-30 21:57
A sampleword-bro, badly common for everyone, but isawfullybrutal for me to think about,which isindeliblepain and regret ironedon my heart for good and all. The demise of my bro seems an incredibly big joke made by God for me. I put questions to God more than once,however, I can never obtain a satisfactory answer,cuz God cannot get it,either. But many fence sitters echo: birth, senility,illnessand death are natural for human beings, no one can go a ...
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Share Cherishing the Memory of My Beloved Younger Brother
2013-1-26 16:42
Cherishing the Memory of My Beloved Younger Brother
The 28th day of the 10th lunar month is my beloved younger brother's deathday,it was the first time that I had paid respect to him in the face of his tomb,tears burned my eyes,bluring everything;and my sorrow and sadness overwhelmed me dearly.My parents still could not recover consciousness from the sorrow,and they are hard hit mentally and physically,thus white hair and wrinkles overflooding their heads and faces. It is Leukemia that separates us from each other,What Frigging Me ...
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Share The Third Anniversary of My Best Loved Bro's Death
2013-1-26 16:41
The Third Anniversary of My Best Loved Bro's Death
It is The Third Anniversary of My Best Loved Bro's Death today,I really can not find appropriate words or sentences to shape my feelings or mind. Every time we pay respect to my bro in the front of his tomb,we can not accept the hard fact that he had been away.This harder hit makes my whole family immerge in a nightmare all the way.We don't wanna swallow this fact! WE are unable to bear this lightning bolt,especially my senior parents! God/Heaven is fair,but I can not spot any fa ...
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Share Yearning for My Beloved Younger Bro
2013-1-24 16:59
Yearning for My Beloved Younger Bro
Last night my bro went into my dream three times,I could even heard my crying in the dream.I was able to sharply sense that my bro was way disinclined to part with us,but I can not afford to do anything to save him! I deeply and strongly know he has been having all of us in his mind even he is away for the time being, otherwise he would have not entered into my dreams thrice. He seldom disturbs us in group to soften our sadness and missing. The reason why he was forced to see us in the drea ...
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  • The Sun or the Moon? 2019-3-29 19:47

    Nice story! and It does make a sense.  Being grateful in our every life  arms us with happiness and confidence.

  • Aluminiferous Fried Seeds 2014-5-26 22:32

    The egg with hard shell must be safe !

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