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Share My special experience on train during the Spring Festival
samlam 2016-1-27 11:27
35 years ago, I went to Guangzhou by train during the Spring Festival the first time, when I was studying in Jinan University. It was an unforgettable experience. I started from Nanning and changed train in Hengyang, Hunan province. It was around 1500 kilometers. The train was called PUkuai. That means it could run around 40 kilometers per hour and it got to stop at the railway stations along. You can imagine how hard the travel was. It was crowded in the cars. It was difficult to move fro ...
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Share Anxious to go home
samlam 2016-1-26 14:14
It is the end of the Year of Goat in China and aChinese New Year, Year of Monkey, is drawing near. Many people are on their way home, forgetting the tiresome things and tough workin the past, putting fatigue on the way behind. Home is their destination.Although many people are still on work, their mind has already flown home. They are anxious toputtheir work to an end asearlyas possible. Among the colleagues, the main topic is going home now. ...
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Share Cheating is cancer
samlam 2016-1-16 15:00
Talking about the law released last year on cheating in the exams, I 100 percent agree. I am a teacher in middle school. Each semester we have several tests for students, including two very important ones: midterm-exams and final exams, because both have credit hours according to the curriculum. Each time, we have a class specially for honesty education before the tests, mainly about what students can not take with them into the test-room and how to behave during the tests. Cheati ...
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Share The gap between the poor and the rich
samlam 2016-1-15 15:46
Recently, some friends talked about the serious topic "How to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor". Weare concerned about the balance of the two pats of population in China. It is always a difficult question to answer. There is a saying in China "We should enjoy a world of average fortune". It is an old saying. People in the ancient time had already longed for the life of average fortune. However, we are not satisfied ...
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Share Go home
samlam 2016-1-15 14:56
The Spring Festival is coming. Every one of the Chinese is looking forward to its approaching. So you’ll see a great stream of people from south to the north or from the east to the west around a month centering on the first day of the Chinese New Year. It is the most beautiful sight in the world. There is a Chinese saying “We will go home to spend our Spring Festival wherever we are”. Home is the destination for every home-sicker. Family are waiting for us at home. Family have ...
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Share Sound pollution
samlam 2016-1-13 11:17
We are living in an environment with much noise, especially in towns. Every one of us suffers it when we live in a town with large population. My office is in a building nearby an avenue with cars passing every second in the day time, even till late at night. I can’t stand the noise any more. How can people bear it when they are living along the streets with so much noise. Actually, it is man-made noise. As the town is growing up, more and more people have cars. So the current co ...
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Share Pascal Kleiman, a DJ without hand
samlam 2016-1-8 14:51
If you still doubt whether a person without hand can be a DJ, I can give you a definite answer “Yes”. Born in an ordinary family in a small town in France, Pascal Kleiman is the very person. Kleiman was lovely and risible when he was a little baby, but unfortunately he has no hands. It’s his mother’s fault. When she was bearing him, she made a big mistake in taking the medicine to protect the embryo, which caused an unexpected result. &n ...
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Share Zhang Xiangqing, a private entrepreneur with a strong sense of social responsibi
samlam 2016-1-6 10:33
Mr. Zhang represented Tian Jin Rongcheng United Steel Group donating RMB110 million for the disaster area in Si Chuan in 2008. People all over the country wondered why a company with a total capital of 3.5 billion is so generous. Everyone is eager to find out who this guy is. Mr. Zhang is the board chairman and the general manager of his company, Tian Jin Rongcheng. He never forgets that he was rescued in the terrible TangShan earthquake when he was 7, whose parents los ...
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Share Standing at a new start
samlam 2015-12-31 10:37
Standing at a new start
2016 is coming. I'm quite excited and happy to welcome its coming. I have some dreams. I hope my mom is happy and healthy every day. I hope myfamily enjoys the time when we are together. I hope my Firefly English to be known to more people. I hope I can make more friends from all over the world. Hopefully,these dreamscome true some day. No matterhow busy I am, I'll try my best to spend more time with my mom. When it ...
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Share Kerr’s perseverance
samlam 2015-12-30 14:22
Kerr was an office clerk in a newspaper. He worked hard and was self-confident when he worked as an advertisement salesman. When he came to look for a job in a new company, in contrast to other job seekers, particularly, he promised to the manager that he would not take a cent of salary but to take commission only in the first three months. Then he asked for a list of 10 clients that were the most potential ones or the most difficult ones to make a deal with in this area, or with ...
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