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Share Tomb-sweeping Day
samlam 2016-4-5 10:01
I had been home to sweep my father’s tomb with my family days ago. Although it is a long distance from Shenzhen to my home in Guangxi, I have kept going home at this special festival since my father passed away in 2010. On the one hand, I miss my mum, on the other hand, I want to talk to my father at the tomb. Besides, I want to share my feeling with the next generation that we got to do something for the elder because they have done a lot for us before. We got to know the import ...
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Share April Fools’ Day
samlam 2016-4-1 14:29
Today is April Fools’ Day. When I was doing something in my office this morning, several students came to ask me to the classroom, for there was someone waiting for me. When I got there, students in the classroom burst into laughter. I was fooled. Making a joke like this can really bring joy to both me and my students. At that moment, what I could do was smiling. I never care about being fooled in this way. I can see that my students got relaxed from the joke. ...
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Share The way of dicision-making between the west and China.
samlam 2016-3-12 09:27
Compared with the way of dicision-making from the west, China seems to be more efficient. We see that in China only the central government can make final dicision though a discusstion about something might be released for a period when the government wants to see what is the response from the public. Actually, the top designers have already made up their mind before the topics are announced. When the government wants to get a result as it hopes it will choose what benefits to the decision to te ...
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Share How to prevent the stock market crash again
samlam 2016-3-7 15:26
During this ten years, we have seen China's stock market going up and down several times.Few of the investors smile to the end, while many of them cry to the end. People will never forget the painful months passed. What can we learn from it? In my opinion, the speculative behavior occupies the market. The head of the securities regulatory bureau promised to dosomething in supervision. I really hope his words come true. In fact, a health stock mar ...
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Share The election of American President
samlam 2016-3-2 15:35
The election of American President every four years is underway. I have never had any experience to see the votes on the spot in America, but I know something about the election through media. It is quite exciting to see the candidates from different parties to show their different opinions openly. Arguing, ironic remarks, humorous talks, and so on appear on the screen, which is a special scenery, in other words, a special culture in America. ...
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Share Education equity
samlam 2016-2-24 12:48
It is known to everybody that education equity in primary stage is quite important in a community, which has something to do with almost every family. In our daily life you can hear the complaints from ordinary people about the education equity. Many years ago, we started to talk about education equity, but the inequality of education becomes more serious now. I want to take Shenzhen as an example. Many years ago, there were three key middle ...
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Share Smoke pollution
samlam 2016-2-18 15:48
Smoke pollution
I went back to my hometown to spend my Spring Festival with my family on Feb 1st. Of course, it is a good season to celebrate the Chinese New Year. But when I stepped on the land of my hometown, I saw several smoke dragons flying in sky, which destroyed my good mood. It has been manydecades since the sugar manufactory was built. People around suffer its pollution. The manufactory is one kilometer away from themain town of the county with a population of 150,000 and it is only severa ...
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Share What will be the result when the economy relies so much on real estate?
samlam 2016-2-18 14:58
There are a lot of talks about China's economy in future. we can see that some of them are worried, some of them are optimistic, and some are pessimistic. When we talk about something we should list the facts to support our points of view. Talking about China's economy, I am a bit puzzled, when people, especially the experts in this field, are quite optimistic about it. Do you see the facts the experts listed? Do you see the figures exactly to support their point of view?   ...
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Share Our young footballers should strive to be stronger
samlam 2016-1-29 08:58
From the news we see that Messi suddenly appeared in front of a group of young footballers days a ago, which made them at a loss. I love Messi very much. If I have a chance to see Messi, I'll shake hands with him and take a photo with him. I'll be very proud of it. Indeed, those young footballers should be blamed for their impoliteness. When thinking about this matter, we see the shameful things behind our education. It has something to do with ou ...
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Share Care for children
samlam 2016-1-28 11:28
Once I was told that an American child belongs to the government, but in China a kid just belongs to his parents. It really shocked me. That means the governmenthas takengood care of children in America since they are born. From the welfare each family gets, you can see what the government does for children. I don't want to compare these two governments in dealing with this matter. I hope our Chinese government take steps to do something for chil ...
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