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Share Why fraud suspects were released by Taiwan
samlam 2016-4-18 12:27
Defraud crime through telecommunications is quite severe in China. It has become a public enemy. When talking about it, many people would complain much about it. Some of the victims are students whose schooling fees were stolen; some of them are the old whose pension disappeared without reasons; some of them are ordinary people whose money was taken away after a strange phone call. Thousands and thousands of people have been cheated by telecommunications frauds. Every ...
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Share Great Kobe Bryan
samlam 2016-4-17 09:45
Kobe got retired from NBA. It was a perfect ending for Kobe in his last performance on last Friday, scoring 60 points. Fans couldn’t bear to part with Kobe. We can only see Kobe’s perfect performance through recorded videos from now on. We don’t remember how many records Kobe has broken and how many honors Kobe has won. We never forget the hard time Kobe had during his 20 years of NBA career. When he scored 80 points a game, people thought ...
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Share Great earthquake hit Japan again
samlam 2016-4-16 12:58
The earthquake with a degree of 7.3 attacked Japan yesterday, which caused 15 people’s death and thousand of people’s injury. It brings great loss to people’s life and wealth as well. God bless Japanese people. Hope it recovers soon in the areas attacked by earthquake. I care much about the great loss in Japan both in wealth and people’s life. Besides, I am really curious about the buildings in Japan, which can well preve ...
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Share The election of secretary of the UN is on its way
samlam 2016-4-15 07:52
The new secretary of the UN to be elected is on its way. 8 candidates are from different countries, including 4 women. It is a new era for the reform of the UN. It becomes more open and more transparent in the election of the top officials for the UN. Everybody expects the new face will make a breakthrough in dealing with the complex international affairs. The secretary of the UN plays an important role in dealing with the key iss ...
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Share We need a reasonable oil price
samlam 2016-4-14 10:37
Oil price should have been down the sixth times in China, but there is no change. Chinese people, especially those who have cars, have complained much about it. “It is a problem of energy safety”, said the head of the Development and Reform commission. It is the answer to public. Any complaint is in vain. People ask if the rules the Development and Reform commission made before still work? A country like China wants to become marketiz ...
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Share Hundreds of students will be repatriated from America because of fake college
samlam 2016-4-13 12:53
Hearing the news that hundreds of Chinese students will be repatriated to China by American government because they are admitted to fake university in America, I am very surprised. It is something like an enforcing the law by fishing. In the story, we know that the college is fake. There is no curriculum, no courses, no classes and so on. It is incredible for those who hope to get a degree without paying. Of course, the story tells us an impo ...
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Share A great reform of education for college entrance exams
samlam 2016-4-11 11:14
Since Beijing announced the new policy for the reform of education for college entrance exams. It has been a hot topic. One of the key points is that students have three required subjects including Chinese, mathematics and English and three selected subjects from six subjects including physics, chemistry, biology, politics, history and geography, when they apply for the college entrance exams. In other words, there is not a limit to science and liberal arts any more. It is really ...
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Share Volunteers in Shenzhen
samlam 2016-4-10 09:51
Volunteers in Shenzhen
I am a teacher. Once I took a taxi to go to work from my home on Teachers’ Day. When I showed the taxi-driver my qualification of a teacher, he drove me free to my school. What I needed to do is to phone his head quarter to tell them about it. I was so happy. A teacher has his own position in this community. Volunteers become an important part in Shenzhen now, where there are 1.25 million volunteers. They do lots of things for the city. Because of this it is very help ...
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Share How to create a good environment for innovation
samlam 2016-4-8 08:58
Talking about how to have a good environment for innovation, people might directly think of education. Education, especially primary education in China, should be introspected first. What are the big differences between China and the leading countries in education about innovation? How to get it improved? Many foreign friends have much experience in teaching in China. Compared with China’s education, what advantages do you have in west ...
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Share Innovation in Shenzhen
samlam 2016-4-7 10:36
Since the Chinese government thought highly about innovation and took some efficient measures to do something years ago, the passion to do something new has been lit up. People from all over China are talking about it, especially people from Shenzhen. Innovation is an important engine to push economy, military, culture and so on forward in every field, so the government of Shenzhen has released some new policies to recruit young talents and reward some potential projects in order ...
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