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Share Hong Kong’ s independence?
samlam 2016-5-10 07:50
Since 1997, HK’s sovereignty has been back to Chinese government. HK experienced its ups and downs during this period. Because of the changes, some of the citizens are not used to it. Therefore, they frequently express their political opinions, such as HK’s independence. The Democracy Progressive Party is the speaker. They appeal an independence breaking away from the mainland, hope to be a part of Taiwan, and want to be a part of the USA. &n ...
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Share The first Muslim mayor of London
samlam 2016-5-9 12:30
When the first Muslim mayor of London was born, the news becomes a hot topic. Why? Sadiq Khan of Britain's Labor Party was born in an ordinary family, whose parents are Pakistani descendent. Around one eighth of population in London is Muslim. Since Sadiq started his election campaign, it is doomed to be a hot topic. London people chose him because of his great performance before. People believe that he can do better. ...
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Share Mother’s Day
samlam 2016-5-8 10:21
It is Mother’s Day today. I called my mom and gave my greeting to her. She is always very happy when hearing my voice. I could see that she was in good mood through hearing her speaking this morning. I can judge if my mom is in a good health or not through a call. Her health might be poor when her voice is a bit weak or shivering, so in order to learn her healthy condition, I would call her periodically. Talking about it, I feel a bit shameful because I cannot take care of my mom ...
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Share Set a green channel for Human organs delivery
samlam 2016-5-8 09:11
Human organs transplant becomes a hot topic. There is no doubt that to make good use of human organs can help those in need. Up to now most of the human organs used in the medical functions are from dying people or those who are suffering serious diseases. Few people are willing to donate their own organs. According to our traditional concept, everyone should go to the “paradise” with a complete body. The family of the death would not break this “rule” when dealing with the re ...
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Share Should America transplant American democracy to the Middle East?
samlam 2016-5-6 15:18
In the past hundred years, America has become strong and has been enjoying its own democracy, of which Americans are proud of. Democracy becomes a very important part in American political ecosystem. Wherever they go, they talk and discuss with those who are interested in it. However, Trump, a presidential candidate of America, has repeated several times recently in his speech that it is a fault to transplant American democracy to the Middle East. Obviously, Americans, especially ...
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Share A former secretary of a county Party committee in Gaungxi got phoenix carved on
samlam 2016-5-5 10:15
A former secretary of a county Party committee in a poor county of Guangxi China got phoenix carved on cliff, spending 50 million yuan, which means half of the income of the county Feng Shan a year. It is believed that the carving might cost only 2 million yuan. His name is Huang Deyi. Absolutely, it might be a deal among the officials and businessmen. Obviously, corruption in China is severe. Though the Chinese government ...
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Share A banana a day might help you live a longer life
samlam 2016-5-4 08:17
Salustiano Sanchez-Blazquez is proved to be the longest life of men on the earth by Guinness World Records. He is 112 years old, living in New York State of America now. When people are wondering why he can live such a long life, he told us that the secret might exist in banana, a kind of popular fruit in tropical areas. He keeps eating a piece of banana a day. Besides, he takes 6 pieces of Anacin, a medicine of painkiller, a day as well.   ...
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Share Who will drive the oil price up?
samlam 2016-5-3 10:02
It was reported that 83 oil tankers from the Middle East were sailing on the way back to China days ago, which meant 166 million buckets of the crude oil were carried to China. As is known to everybody, the crude oil price has been down for around a year. It is around 45 dollars wandering at a very low price. Obviously, the output of crude oil is overplus. Two huge consumers in this field China and America ...
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Share Teenagers take an injection to get good marks in South Korea
samlam 2016-5-2 09:07
I’m quite surprised to see the news that teenagers take an injection to get good marks in South Korea. It is around 672 yuan per one. It is said that it benefits our brain to make its blood flow lively and in this way the memory of a kid’s could be improved. It becomes a trend to use it among teenagers in South Korea. Personally, I don’t believe it. Education is not something only related to activating our brain. Good grades co ...
Personal category: education|1318 views|4 comments Popularity 2
Share Artificial intelligence will defeat human in the coming ten years
samlam 2016-5-1 08:44
Zuckerberg wants to build computer service based on the artificial intelligence, because he thinks it will have a better insight and understanding than human. He predicts that computer can do better than human in the coming ten years in the areas of core perceptivity in listening, speaking, reading and writing. As we know, computer system in the future will have various abilities learned from the most ...
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