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Share Should America apologize to Japan for dropping the atomic bombs?
samlam 2016-5-20 07:40
As we know Japan gave in in the World War II because of two atomic bombs dropped by America 1945. It was also a turning point for the power of anti-Japanese militarism in China and other parts of Asia to inverse in fighting. Days ago, when President Obama stood in front of the Peace Commemorate Park in Hiroshima of Japan, people asked a question “Should Obama give an apology to Japan?” ...
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Share 5 billion yuan to have Shenzhen Securities Exchange built
samlam 2016-5-19 08:40
The new building of Shenzhen Securities Exchange is being used. When talking about its cost of construction, it shocks everyone. It costs around 5 billion yuan. The public wants to know why to spend so much money on a building. Firstly, we should give a big praise to the announcer to tell the public the truth. Secondly, it is a big issue for us to think about. It is hard to imagine how big the “black hole” is behind it and ...
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Share How to learn a lesson from “The Cultural Revolution”
samlam 2016-5-18 08:11
“The Cultural Revolution” happened in 1966 in China, launched by Mao Zedong, former top leader of China, which was defined a disaster in China’s history because it caused a ten-year inner fighting, bringing great damage to economy, culture, politics, science and so on all over the country. An article talking about this event again appeared in the headlines on People’s Daily on May 17. The author is standing on beha ...
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Share American army will finish to be equipped with laser weapons before 2025
samlam 2016-5-17 07:43
It is reported that American army will finish to be equipped with laser weapons before 2025 Is it a good news for the people in the world? Conventional weapons are being upgraded by human’s wisdom year after year. From cannons, tanks, planes to laser weapons we see the growing of conventional weapons. We know the destructive power of planes, tanks and cannons in World War II. Do you have any idea about laser we ...
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Share 65 years old man without legs is conquering the tallest peak of the world
samlam 2016-5-16 11:05
When I saw the news that a 65 years old man is conquering the tallest peak of the world, the Everest, I was shocked. His name is Xia Boyu from China. How much courage he has, and how much preparation including training, psychology and so on he must have, before he started to climb. We can’t imagine. He once was a member of the national mountaineering team in 1975. He had ever reached the altitude of 8600 meters. On the way to the ...
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Share Lei Yang’s death arouses public’s attention
samlam 2016-5-15 09:40
Days ago, Lei Yang went to a pedicure salon to keep fit. After coming out from the pedicure salon, he was followed and caught by several policemen. During the process of arresting, conflict between Lei Yang and the policemen took place. Because of refusing to be arrested, Lei Yang was forced to give in according to the statement from a policeman. On the way to back to the police station, Lei Yang was found to be unwell. He was sent to the hospital and died there. &nbs ...
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Share Where is the bottom of stock A
samlam 2016-5-13 12:33
Now the Chinese stock market (Shanghai securities composite Index) is wandering around 2800. Ups and downs in stock A has already threatened stock holders for quite a long time. Where is the bottom of it? If you look at Chinese stock market carefully, you’’ll see that you can find no reasons in its ups and its downs. When there is a hot point created by Chinese government’s policy, it goes up quickly. It is something like the index up to 4300 last year. Seemingly, ups and downs ...
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Share The speed of high speed train up to 1200 kilometers per hour is coming
samlam 2016-5-13 07:56
Hyperloop One Company of America announced on May 11 that the boosting system of high speed train is being tested and the whole system of the test will have been completed within this year. The speed will be up to 1200 kilometers per hour, which is close to the speed of supersonic speed. It is amazing. It is a great breakthrough. The technique of maglev will be used in the system. Passengers and cargos will be delivered through a ...
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Share Bai Du, a Chinese search engine, should self-exam
samlam 2016-5-12 09:23
The event of Wei Zexi’s death has been a hot topic. The public is asking who should take the responsibility, the hospital? Bai Du? Wei Zexi died in the hospital of Beijing Armed Police Force II. It was because he searched the information from Bai Du to get the list about the top hospitals which could treat his lung cancer. He trusted it and became a patient in the hospital of Beijing Armed Police Force II. &nbs ...
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Share The first prize is suspected to be a copy
samlam 2016-5-11 09:01
The first prize of Peiwen Prize of Beijing University is suspected to be a copy. It is a great contest and has a great influence among students in universities of China. It has already been focused by media and many students in China. People raised two questions. Why did the student do it? How could a copy one pass a strict check? Actually, copying others’ works in university is quite a common thing in China to ...
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