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Share Should 1131 yuan be given to students?
samlam 2016-5-29 09:40
You will be surprised when hearing that tuition and fees was returned to students in the middle schools in Futian district of Shenzhen. In Shenzhen there are 10 districts. Only Futian district implements this policy. For a student of middle school of provincial grade, the tuition and fees for a semester in total is 1131 yuan. This policy has been carried out since 2015. The purpose to implement this policy is to let mo ...
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Share Some parents prayed “good luck” from a tree
samlam 2016-5-29 09:30
The national entrance examinations for colleges are coming soon. Students of senior 3 are fighting for the last few days. Meanwhile, it is also a hard time to exam their parents. They want to do something for their kids, such as offering good food for their kids, taking good care of their daily life and so on. In other words, parents who have kids preparing for this big national exams worry much more than their kids in a way, so they try to do something, even though it is ridiculo ...
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Share School bully is serious
samlam 2016-5-27 12:33
According to a report from The Procuratorate of Guangdong province, there are 510 cases in total about school violence from 2013 to 2015, in which 915 students are involved. 70 % of them were juveniles. In most of the cases, they got money or property in an illegal way. When they committed crime, they usually did in groups. 18.6% of the cases were given up to prosecute and the measurement of penalty seems lighter. There are many r ...
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Share Are you an Elite or a pusher of the community?
samlam 2016-5-26 10:31
Days ago, I read an article talking about what kind of students our schools should cultivate, elites or pushers of the community. It is really a big topic. In China, almost all of the schools think highly of cultivating as many elites as possible, especially the training centers. The secondary schools would count how many students have been admitted to famous university like Beijing University, Qing Hua University and so on. ...
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Share When can we see rainbow again?
samlam 2016-5-25 13:13
When can we see rainbow again?
People in Beijing were very happy and excited when seeing the rainbow hanging in the air days ago. It has been long since it appeared last time. It becomes a luxurious and rare enjoying for the local people in their life since Beijing has been covered by polluted air such as sandstorm, haze and so on many times. With the rapid development of urbanization in China, many cities are facing the same problem of pollution. More populati ...
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Share Will Hua Wei leave Shenzhen?.
samlam 2016-5-25 09:36
Hua Wei, a great brand of manufacturing and selling facility of communications in China, becomes a hot topic now. People are talking about whether the headquarter of Hua Wei should leave Shenzhen. The official of Hua Wei had to clarify the fact that Hua Wei has no idea to leave Shenzhen right now. Then netizens turn to talk about whether Hua Wei should leave Shenzhen because the situation of manufacturing in Shenzhen has a great c ...
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Share Blind faith caused death in a village in China
samlam 2016-5-24 13:05
According to a report on May 22nd a villager living in a remote village got sick and asked witch doctors for help. She was put into a wood vat so that the “ghost” in her body could be driven out through boiling. When the water was boiling and the vapour came into the vat. She was crying while she felt terribly hot, but she couldn’t come out. Her husband begged the two witches to let her out from the vat, but was refused. He was told that her wife was crying because the “ghost ...
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Share How to deal with the books which have accompanied for years
samlam 2016-5-23 11:23
Now the end of the semester for senior 3 is coming. Almost every senior 3 student has this experience of worrying about how to deal with the books which have accompanied you for years. Some of the students drop them down from higher floor of the building. Some of them ask the students of the lower grades to choose what they want. Some of them drop them into the rubbish bins directly. Some of them give them to students in poor areas.   ...
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Share A brave young lady teacher
samlam 2016-5-22 10:08
A brave young lady teacher
A young and brave lady teacher made her secret public. We should give her a big praise. From the conversation between a young woman teacher and a vice principal we see that it was a secret between them. She was hugged by the vice principal without her permission on purpose of sexual offending. She refused to go to the hotel with him privately. Because of this, she chose not to be silent. Most of the people will choose to give in o ...
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Share Discriminatory words will not be allowed to use
samlam 2016-5-22 09:25
Discriminatory words will not be allowed to use according to a new American law. The words like “Black and Oriental” will not be allowed to use when calling the descendants of minority. It was put forward by Meng Zhaowen, a Chinese American and senator of congress. “Black and Oriental” would be replaced by the words “African American and Asian American”. It is a progress of civilization. The example should be followed by ot ...
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