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Share Shall we stop killing dogs?
samlam 2016-6-20 16:55
Every year on June 21st killing dogs in Yulin Guangxi becomes a festival. It has been lasting for 6 years. For many people in the world, it is incredible, for dogs are human’s good friends. It is said that 10 thousand of dogs will be killed in this day. Supporters think that it will help develop the local economy and tourism. Indeed, many people in Yulin are also against it. According to a survey, 60% of the local people don’t think i ...
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Share A girl student jumped from a building 60 miters high
samlam 2016-6-8 10:01
A girl student died yesterday because she jumped from a building around 60 meters high at 3 pm on June 7th in Ping An Wu La Te Qian Qi ( 平安乌拉特前旗 ) after finishing her first subject Chinese test. It was the first day of 2016 National College Entrance Exams. After that, from her friends’ phones, we see a message “Say Goodbye to this world” on wechat written by her. Her family can’t bear such a sudden tragedy. We ...
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Share Su Ning purchased 70% of shares of Inter Milan
samlam 2016-6-7 14:50
Su Ning becomes the holding stockholder of Inter Milan, buying 70% of its shares. When Inter Milan is going down in its performance in recent years, especially in its finance, Su Ning starts its first show in getting involved in rich and powerful football club in Italy. What is Su Ning’s purpose? He must have a reason when an enterpriser wants to do a business. What will be the faster growing points in the future? People are quite ...
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Share Will you accompany your kid to the school site of Gao Kao?
samlam 2016-6-7 13:25
2016 national college entrance exams started this morning. Some of the parents accompanied their kids to the school site of Gao Kao. Some parents drived their kids to the destination. Some took taxi. Near the school gate, parents saw their kids going into the school and didn’t want to leave. Some parents were taking their kids’ breakfasts standing behind them and waited for checking in. Actually, those parents whose kids are taking part in the on-going exams have been busy with prepari ...
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Share Is it a way to feed idlers?
samlam 2016-6-6 14:14
People in Switzerland are going to do a public voting today to decide if any Swiss people can earn 2500 Swiss franc (equal to 16000 yuan) each month without any condition. That means any Swiss people will have that money without working. Swiss people worry that techniques in various areas will take the place of human, so they are facing a problem of losing jobs. The movement of voting has been pushing forward since 2013. Pushers believe that they will live a respected life in this ...
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Share The first building made by 3D printer was born in Dubai
samlam 2016-6-3 15:17
The first building made by 3D printer was born in Dubai
The technique of 3D printing brings us lots of joys. Printing materials like gun, motorbike, robot, human organs becomes true. Now the first building made by 3D printing appears in Dubai. “High tech serves our life” is not an empty talk. The design of the first building of 3D printing is perfect with lots of tests for reliability, whose appearance shows its unique in public with a shape of circular arch, which guarantee the saf ...
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Share 8 provinces allow 2.5 days for weekend
samlam 2016-6-3 12:33
8 provinces have already joined in the group to have 2.5 days for weekend, 5 of whom have their own detail rules now. Hearing the news, people, especially staff who are working in the office of public institution, support it and hope the day to carry it out coming soon. People have been talking about it since last August after the proposal suggested by the office of the central government. Staff working in the public institution i ...
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Share What attitude should China take towards North Korea?
samlam 2016-6-2 17:02
The relationship between China and North Korea is facing a challenge. North Korea has been trapped in a vicious circle since it was sanctioned by United Nations, for it has made the third time of nuclear test. Absolutely, North Korea is wrong to do what peace-loving people in the world do not like. As its neighbor, China faces a dilemma, to support it or to break with it. China takes a clear-cut stand that China do not allow North ...
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Share Happy Children’s Day
samlam 2016-6-1 15:41
Today is Children’s Day. Hope every kid enjoys this happy day with his family or his peers. Hope every of us still remembers the happy days we had in our childhood. While we are celebrating Children’s Day today, do not forget that many kids are still living a hard life. There is a small and remote town called E Man( 峨蔓 ) in Hainan Island. It is a poor area with an average income of 4400 yuan per capita a year. Among ...
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Share The first satellite of quantum science experiment will be launched in July
samlam 2016-5-31 10:11
China will launch its first satellite of quantum science experiment in July, which is also the first one of the same field in the world. It will build a network connecting the earth and space by quantum communication. Being different from that before in communication, the new one will be a breakthrough. Its success in the future will enjoy an honor that our communication will be safer. The safety is based on the principles of quant ...
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