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Share What do you think about the fate of the traditional Chinese medicine?
2016-7-4 14:52
What do you think about the fate of the traditional Chinese medicine?
The traditional Chinese medicine has a long history in China. We can trace back to 6000 years ago. It was an age of Shen Nung in Chinese history. Up to now there are many doctors treating the sick in the way of the traditional Chinese medicine all over China. Doctors will give you a prescription after a diagnosis, in which there are a certain amount of traditional Chinese medical materials. It will be given according to a patient’s situation. In other words, they are dry original mater ...
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Share It is a great step forward to explore the universe for China.
2016-7-3 11:49
It is a great step forward to explore the universe for China.
A new FAST, the largest telescope in the world, has finished its installment. It is located in Guizhou province. Its caliber is 500 meters. It is equal to 30 football fields, which lasts 20 years from designing to building. Its size is ten times of Bonn telescope in Germany, 2.25 times of Arecibo telescope in America. The mission for the Chinese FAST is to explore universe, whose first task is to look for pulsar so th ...
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Share Should we use ice cubes to cool down for students?
2016-7-3 10:36
Should we use ice cubes to cool down for students?
From the picture you see that ice cubes were placed in front of a building in college campus of Guangxi. It was around 7.2 tons ice cubes carried from the ice making factory. It is midsummer and really hot in most parts of China now. The temperature is around 34 degrees these days in many parts of the country. When we have no air conditioners in the dormitory, we still have many ways to get ourselves cool down, su ...
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Share Will dropping of population restrict China’s development?
2016-6-30 17:05
As everybody knows, China has the largestpopulation in the world, up to 1.3 billion. Chinese government spared no effortto control the population until last year. It has been lasted for 35 yearssince one-child policy was carried out. During this period, everybody complaintthat the too large population had brought lots of problems to China even to theworld, because everybody got to consume resources. Most of the Chinese peoplesupported this one-child policy made by the Chinese government. ...
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Share Trump’s speech makes Chinese people surprised
2016-6-30 15:58
In the latest speech of Trump, he once more talked about the trading of China. Openly, he said China had totally controlled its exchange rates, which has caused lots of problems to America in trading and other areas. He showed his opinion that he doesn’t support TPP, for it will bring lots of bad effects to America but be helpful to those countries which control the exchange rates such as China. Therefore, he would take measures to solve the problems if he is successful to be the ...
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Share Career Planning
2016-6-29 13:11
The scores of the national entrance exams for colleges had been released. Students who took part in the exams have already got their own scores and the minimum passing scores for each grade have been shown in different areas. Lots of students are worrying about how to choose a rightmajor and college for themselves as their priority, though they have some reference books, such as Colleges admissions directory, The Instruction ...
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Share 6 teachers protected 120 children in a strong tornado
2016-6-24 16:41
6 teachers protected 120 children in a strong tornado
A great tornado hit Yan Cheng city in the north of Jiangsu province in the afternoon yesterday. Up to now, it was reported that 98 people died and 846 injured. You can imagine how strong the tornado was. From the picture below you see that the third floor of the building had been seriously damaged and the door had been broken. It is one of the places which suffered great damage, in which there is a kindergarten. 120 kids were on the th ...
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Share A new ranking of the costliest cities for living in the world
2016-6-23 12:53
A new ranking of the costliest cities for living in the world had been released. HK becomes No. one. Shanghai ranks No. 7 and Beijing is No. 10 in the list. Surprisingly, among the top ten cities, Asia occupies a half. China has three. Compared with the people in the western countries about life, people in the east live a lower income life. China is still one of the developing countries, but there are three the costliest cities. ...
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Share Senior 3 students are celebrating the ending of senior high schooling
2016-6-21 16:51
Chinese Gao Kao ended on June 8th. Students of senior 3 celebrated it. They held parties, spent the whole night drinking in bars, or did something to get relaxed. It was a hard time for them during the preparation for Gao Kao. Almost a year, they didn’t have weekends. They couldn’t go visiting some places of interest they like. They got to read and read every day from morning till night. We can understand how crazy they were to celebrate the moments when they were free. ...
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Share Shall Britain leave European Union?
2016-6-21 11:46
Several days later, people in Britain will decide if Britain leaves European Union or not. It is really a hard time for the people not only in Europe but also in the world because people in the world can imagine how strong effect it will bring to the world. All statistics about bad effects to economy, culture, community and so on which might happen have already been given by experts and politicians. Those who care for this great event are waiting for its result of public voting. ...
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Recent comments
  • Trump’s speech makes Chinese people surprised 2018-12-20 06:01

    Ted180: Very wrong! I underestimated the stupidity of American voters!!
    Thus, an admission of your own stupidity.

  • Will dropping of population restrict China’s development? 2018-12-20 04:52

    The environment does matter, but I doubt the population of over 1 billion would drop to 0.1 billion so quickly. I habitually invite students to see these issues globally, and that way to habitually put comments about China's policies into a globally influential context, as is appropriate for a people who sit in the UN Security Council and who have significant gold reserves. A small % of people are concerned for the world facing water shortages. The global population has been doubling in half the time since the 1700s without any wars making a dent in the population explosion, and that is obviously the direct result of mismanaged banks making huge quantities of money freely available so people too easily live indoors and raise so many children. During the past few centuries, national policies were to increase populations because of fear of war with a neighbouring country. But in the past decade, we hear of military leaders in some countries starting to openly wish, online, that they could address threats to the environment as national threats to safety. However, my friends in philosophy point out that the evidence of natural disasters has not convinced some policy makers around the world. Of course, China is known for making green cities: a step toward sustainable urban development. Imagine a few countries in the world able to re-regulate banks and manage the economy to reduce the population explosion, manage international relations to live without fear of war, and so manage to lead international care for sustaining our environment. Walter Rothschild wrote a book listing extinct species of birds, so that our population explosion crowds many species out of life is known to bankers. I hope survival issues matter to policy makers in any country.

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