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Share Punish those who break rules and regulations
samlam 2016-4-22 13:05
On April 19th, a video makes netizens angry. From the video, you see that a man was abusing and violently pushed a policeman called Li Shaozhen to the ground. It was said that the car of his friend’s was labeled “Breaking rules and regulations”, so he wanted to help his friend and directly asked the policeman to remove it in this violent way. Sometimes we see these bad behaviors occurred somewhere in public, which shows a shame for ...
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Share A population of 100 million will move to towns or cities within five years in Ch
samlam 2016-4-21 07:58
A population of 100 million will move to towns or cities within five years in China according to 13th Five Years Plan. It means a great project of migration from countryside to town is being carried on. We have never seen a great migration like this in the world before. It is called China’s migration or China urbanization. Can China complete this great project in time? There is a saying “Haste makes waste”. Many people ask the s ...
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Share President Rousseff should step down from the stage
samlam 2016-4-20 08:55
Rousseff has been pulled down from her power because she was accused of manipulating budget accounts. In a quick response, she would fight the impeachment soon. Personally, if the charge is a fact, Rousseff must take the responsibility no matter whoever she is. Any fighting is useless. It is a common sense. I don’t really understand why Rousseff and her supporters become so angry about it. What Rousseff can do is to show public her innocency, when she thinks she is in ...
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Share How to keep the real estate develop stably
samlam 2016-4-19 07:31
A report about the price variation of the real estate in 70 cities in China on March was released yesterday. According to the report, compared with February this year, the price has been up in 62 cities with 5.4%, while it has been down in 8 cities with 0.7%. Seemingly, going up becomes a trend. As we know, the price of the real estate has totally been controlled by the government. When it needs to be up it goes up; when it needs ...
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Share Why fraud suspects were released by Taiwan
samlam 2016-4-18 12:27
Defraud crime through telecommunications is quite severe in China. It has become a public enemy. When talking about it, many people would complain much about it. Some of the victims are students whose schooling fees were stolen; some of them are the old whose pension disappeared without reasons; some of them are ordinary people whose money was taken away after a strange phone call. Thousands and thousands of people have been cheated by telecommunications frauds. Every ...
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Share Great earthquake hit Japan again
samlam 2016-4-16 12:58
The earthquake with a degree of 7.3 attacked Japan yesterday, which caused 15 people’s death and thousand of people’s injury. It brings great loss to people’s life and wealth as well. God bless Japanese people. Hope it recovers soon in the areas attacked by earthquake. I care much about the great loss in Japan both in wealth and people’s life. Besides, I am really curious about the buildings in Japan, which can well preve ...
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Share Volunteers in Shenzhen
samlam 2016-4-10 09:51
Volunteers in Shenzhen
I am a teacher. Once I took a taxi to go to work from my home on Teachers’ Day. When I showed the taxi-driver my qualification of a teacher, he drove me free to my school. What I needed to do is to phone his head quarter to tell them about it. I was so happy. A teacher has his own position in this community. Volunteers become an important part in Shenzhen now, where there are 1.25 million volunteers. They do lots of things for the city. Because of this it is very help ...
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Share Innovation in Shenzhen
samlam 2016-4-7 10:36
Since the Chinese government thought highly about innovation and took some efficient measures to do something years ago, the passion to do something new has been lit up. People from all over China are talking about it, especially people from Shenzhen. Innovation is an important engine to push economy, military, culture and so on forward in every field, so the government of Shenzhen has released some new policies to recruit young talents and reward some potential projects in order ...
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Share Tomb-sweeping Day
samlam 2016-4-5 10:01
I had been home to sweep my father’s tomb with my family days ago. Although it is a long distance from Shenzhen to my home in Guangxi, I have kept going home at this special festival since my father passed away in 2010. On the one hand, I miss my mum, on the other hand, I want to talk to my father at the tomb. Besides, I want to share my feeling with the next generation that we got to do something for the elder because they have done a lot for us before. We got to know the import ...
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Share The way of dicision-making between the west and China.
samlam 2016-3-12 09:27
Compared with the way of dicision-making from the west, China seems to be more efficient. We see that in China only the central government can make final dicision though a discusstion about something might be released for a period when the government wants to see what is the response from the public. Actually, the top designers have already made up their mind before the topics are announced. When the government wants to get a result as it hopes it will choose what benefits to the decision to te ...
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