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Share The first Muslim mayor of London
samlam 2016-5-9 12:30
When the first Muslim mayor of London was born, the news becomes a hot topic. Why? Sadiq Khan of Britain's Labor Party was born in an ordinary family, whose parents are Pakistani descendent. Around one eighth of population in London is Muslim. Since Sadiq started his election campaign, it is doomed to be a hot topic. London people chose him because of his great performance before. People believe that he can do better. ...
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Share Set a green channel for Human organs delivery
samlam 2016-5-8 09:11
Human organs transplant becomes a hot topic. There is no doubt that to make good use of human organs can help those in need. Up to now most of the human organs used in the medical functions are from dying people or those who are suffering serious diseases. Few people are willing to donate their own organs. According to our traditional concept, everyone should go to the “paradise” with a complete body. The family of the death would not break this “rule” when dealing with the re ...
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Share A former secretary of a county Party committee in Gaungxi got phoenix carved on
samlam 2016-5-5 10:15
A former secretary of a county Party committee in a poor county of Guangxi China got phoenix carved on cliff, spending 50 million yuan, which means half of the income of the county Feng Shan a year. It is believed that the carving might cost only 2 million yuan. His name is Huang Deyi. Absolutely, it might be a deal among the officials and businessmen. Obviously, corruption in China is severe. Though the Chinese government ...
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Share Who will drive the oil price up?
samlam 2016-5-3 10:02
It was reported that 83 oil tankers from the Middle East were sailing on the way back to China days ago, which meant 166 million buckets of the crude oil were carried to China. As is known to everybody, the crude oil price has been down for around a year. It is around 45 dollars wandering at a very low price. Obviously, the output of crude oil is overplus. Two huge consumers in this field China and America ...
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Share The tests for civil servants in China let out again
samlam 2016-4-28 16:00
The national tests for civil servants in China were let out again. It was reported that it was let out firstly from some of the training centers. Last year, a law to stop divulging a secret of tests was released, which talks about the criminal liability when someone breaks the law. Letting out a secret in national tests was quite popular before, including the national entrance exams for colleges and post-graduates. Complaint about ...
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Share Is it a turning point for Hua Wei to defeat Apple in selling?
samlam 2016-4-28 10:34
It is reported that iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus have been fatigued and weak in selling recently and a big number of orders has been cut down. At this tough time, iphone 7 hesitates to be released. Is that anything new to attract consumers for Apple? Of cause, consumers are expecting. However, Huawei, a Chinese company, has a very good performance, whose output has been increasing according Huawei’s annual report. Can Huawei take the p ...
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Share Chernobyl, a death city
samlam 2016-4-27 10:45
30 years ago, Chernobyl became known to the world. It is not because of its beautiful environment, nor its power in generating electricity, but the explosion of nuclear reactor. It had caused 31 staff’s death at the spot, 80,000 people’s death within 15 years, and 134,000 people suffering from different diseases related to nuclear radiation. 30 years passes. When looking back at this great tragedy, everybody is still shock ...
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Share A crack between America and Saudi Arabia can be seen
samlam 2016-4-27 09:21
As we know, America and Saudi Arabia has been an ally for a long time since both of the countries have much in common and are sharing their own parts of interest mainly in oil. But yesterday it was announced that a report kept in secret way would be released by the America, in which about 15 citizens from Saudi Arabia had taken part in the event 9.11. Since the battle of oil happened last year, everybody has smelled its gunpowder. ...
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Share Shooting accidents occurred in America again
samlam 2016-4-26 12:49
Nine cases of shooting accident had occurred in America in the past four days, which caused 14 deaths and shocked America again. There is no new meaning in this topic. But it comes back again. Surely, shooting becomes an anxiety in America right now. As we know, it has been a long time since Americans have been talking about whether to stop gun selling or not. The result is that most of the people do not agree and ...
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Share A test for China
samlam 2016-4-26 07:57
China is making efforts to exploit the market of high speed train outside China. The first one in Indonesia had come true after so many efforts. Among the competitors in the world, China is a new up-rising star. China has already completed various railways for high speed train in almost all kinds of areas, including warm and cold areas, high attitude and sea areas, mountain area and so on. China has already mastered the core techniques in constructing railways for high speed train ...
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