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Share How to deal with the books which have accompanied for years
2016-5-23 11:23
Now the end of the semester for senior 3 is coming. Almost every senior 3 student has this experience of worrying about how to deal with the books which have accompanied you for years. Some of the students drop them down from higher floor of the building. Some of them ask the students of the lower grades to choose what they want. Some of them drop them into the rubbish bins directly. Some of them give them to students in poor areas.   ...
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Share Discriminatory words will not be allowed to use
2016-5-22 09:25
Discriminatory words will not be allowed to use according to a new American law. The words like “Black and Oriental” will not be allowed to use when calling the descendants of minority. It was put forward by Meng Zhaowen, a Chinese American and senator of congress. “Black and Oriental” would be replaced by the words “African American and Asian American”. It is a progress of civilization. The example should be followed by ot ...
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Share The first prize is suspected to be a copy
2016-5-11 09:01
The first prize of Peiwen Prize of Beijing University is suspected to be a copy. It is a great contest and has a great influence among students in universities of China. It has already been focused by media and many students in China. People raised two questions. Why did the student do it? How could a copy one pass a strict check? Actually, copying others’ works in university is quite a common thing in China to ...
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Share Teenagers take an injection to get good marks in South Korea
2016-5-2 09:07
I’m quite surprised to see the news that teenagers take an injection to get good marks in South Korea. It is around 672 yuan per one. It is said that it benefits our brain to make its blood flow lively and in this way the memory of a kid’s could be improved. It becomes a trend to use it among teenagers in South Korea. Personally, I don’t believe it. Education is not something only related to activating our brain. Good grades co ...
Personal category: education|1316 views|4 comments Popularity 2
Share Hundreds of students will be repatriated from America because of fake college
2016-4-13 12:53
Hearing the news that hundreds of Chinese students will be repatriated to China by American government because they are admitted to fake university in America, I am very surprised. It is something like an enforcing the law by fishing. In the story, we know that the college is fake. There is no curriculum, no courses, no classes and so on. It is incredible for those who hope to get a degree without paying. Of course, the story tells us an impo ...
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Share A great reform of education for college entrance exams
2016-4-11 11:14
Since Beijing announced the new policy for the reform of education for college entrance exams. It has been a hot topic. One of the key points is that students have three required subjects including Chinese, mathematics and English and three selected subjects from six subjects including physics, chemistry, biology, politics, history and geography, when they apply for the college entrance exams. In other words, there is not a limit to science and liberal arts any more. It is really ...
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Share How to create a good environment for innovation
2016-4-8 08:58
Talking about how to have a good environment for innovation, people might directly think of education. Education, especially primary education in China, should be introspected first. What are the big differences between China and the leading countries in education about innovation? How to get it improved? Many foreign friends have much experience in teaching in China. Compared with China’s education, what advantages do you have in west ...
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Share Education equity
2016-2-24 12:48
It is known to everybody that education equity in primary stage is quite important in a community, which has something to do with almost every family. In our daily life you can hear the complaints from ordinary people about the education equity. Many years ago, we started to talk about education equity, but the inequality of education becomes more serious now. I want to take Shenzhen as an example. Many years ago, there were three key middle ...
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Share Our young footballers should strive to be stronger
2016-1-29 08:58
From the news we see that Messi suddenly appeared in front of a group of young footballers days a ago, which made them at a loss. I love Messi very much. If I have a chance to see Messi, I'll shake hands with him and take a photo with him. I'll be very proud of it. Indeed, those young footballers should be blamed for their impoliteness. When thinking about this matter, we see the shameful things behind our education. It has something to do with ou ...
Personal category: education|891 views|0 comments
Share Care for children
2016-1-28 11:28
Once I was told that an American child belongs to the government, but in China a kid just belongs to his parents. It really shocked me. That means the governmenthas takengood care of children in America since they are born. From the welfare each family gets, you can see what the government does for children. I don't want to compare these two governments in dealing with this matter. I hope our Chinese government take steps to do something for chil ...
Personal category: education|743 views|0 comments
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  • Trump’s speech makes Chinese people surprised 2018-12-20 06:01

    Ted180: Very wrong! I underestimated the stupidity of American voters!!
    Thus, an admission of your own stupidity.

  • Will dropping of population restrict China’s development? 2018-12-20 04:52

    The environment does matter, but I doubt the population of over 1 billion would drop to 0.1 billion so quickly. I habitually invite students to see these issues globally, and that way to habitually put comments about China's policies into a globally influential context, as is appropriate for a people who sit in the UN Security Council and who have significant gold reserves. A small % of people are concerned for the world facing water shortages. The global population has been doubling in half the time since the 1700s without any wars making a dent in the population explosion, and that is obviously the direct result of mismanaged banks making huge quantities of money freely available so people too easily live indoors and raise so many children. During the past few centuries, national policies were to increase populations because of fear of war with a neighbouring country. But in the past decade, we hear of military leaders in some countries starting to openly wish, online, that they could address threats to the environment as national threats to safety. However, my friends in philosophy point out that the evidence of natural disasters has not convinced some policy makers around the world. Of course, China is known for making green cities: a step toward sustainable urban development. Imagine a few countries in the world able to re-regulate banks and manage the economy to reduce the population explosion, manage international relations to live without fear of war, and so manage to lead international care for sustaining our environment. Walter Rothschild wrote a book listing extinct species of birds, so that our population explosion crowds many species out of life is known to bankers. I hope survival issues matter to policy makers in any country.

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