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Shall Britain leave European Union?

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Several days later, people in Britain will decide if Britain leaves European Union or not. It is really a hard time for the people not only in Europe but also in the world because people in the world can imagine how strong effect it will bring to the world. All statistics about bad effects to economy, culture, community and so on which might happen have already been given by experts and politicians. Those who care for this great event are waiting for its result of public voting.

        Surely, we got to accept any result. British people have their own right to decide where to go. It is not easy to get European countries united. Many people in Europe have offered a lot to realize the dream of getting united. Becoming a union is absolutely stronger than any single country including the power of its economy, military, and so on. Looking back at the history in the world, the United States is a very good example. So I have several questions. Why do British people want to leave? Are they selfish? As we know European Union are facing lots of problems right now. Why do they not think about how to look for solutions together to solve the problems in this Union? Leaving is British people”s best choice? There is saying in China “We are in the same boat”. Only can thinking together and finding out a better way together help European Union move forward.

      What do you think about it?

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Reply Report HailChina! 2016-6-23 04:40
I do not think Britain will leave the EU even if more people vote to leave. If Leave did win there would be a system in place to rig the voting. I do not believe the result of the last UK election or the Scottish referendum. In my opinion both of those votes have been rigged to give the result that the powers that be are seeking. They will claim that it was a close vote but Remain just won.

No matter the result it seems to me that a class war is coming. A Remain vote will make UK more unstable for the future. This vote reminds me of the Greek vote where the wealthy voted against the Greek poor and won. A western class war is on the cards in the future in my opinion. The wealthy of each western nation are seen as enemies of their poor citizens by the poor citizens which are about half apparently according to media but our numbers are much stronger than media or votes would have people believe.
Reply Report samlam 2016-6-23 09:08
HailChina!: I do not think Britain will leave the EU even if more people vote to leave. If Leave did win there would be a system in place to rig the voting. I do  ...
You have mentioned the background for voting. It might be a class war. I'm very interested in it.
Reply Report HailChina! 2016-6-23 22:46
samlam: You have mentioned the background for voting. It might be a class war. I'm very interested in it.
Yeah. I do not think the referendum was a good idea. It only makes feelings worse. Another example of why it is wrong to encourage the public to interest themselves in politics. All modern western democracy does is make the down trodden  majority see their minority upper class countrymen as enemies.

And a lot of poor westerners might kill you if you tried to steal just a few hundred dollars from them - so it is a worry that they are increasingly seeing the upper class as their enemies that are responsible for their miserable standards of living.And they see how good things are for their enemies that are voting to keep the poor under heel.

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