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Some parents prayed “good luck” from a tree

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The national entrance examinations for colleges are coming soon. Students of senior 3 are fighting for the last few days. Meanwhile, it is also a hard time to exam their parents. They want to do something for their kids, such as offering good food for their kids, taking good care of their daily life and so on. In other words, parents who have kids preparing for this big national exams worry much more than their kids in a way, so they try to do something, even though it is ridiculous. Here is an example. According to a report, May 21st is the last 15th of a month before the college entrance exams of 2016. Many parents went to a tree standing in front of Mao Tan Factory Middle School and prayed “good luck” from it in rain for their kids. They hurried to be the first one to offer incense in a narrow street. As a bystander, I think it is ignorant.

            Does it work? When we hope to get “good luck” from a tree, there is something wrong with our mind. It is not a single case in China. You can go to the temples to do a survey and you will see how many people have been there to pray for the same expectation. It becomes a common thing in China. Is it a belief?

             Do you have any ideas about it?

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Reply Report SEARU 2016-5-29 21:08
According to psychology,such praying is a kind of self-comforting that may relax the parents and their kids from the extreme tension and they might get good result!

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