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Love is the Best Nutrition for Life

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A little boy thought he was one of the most unfortunate boys in the world, because he had the poliomyelitis disease and became a disabled man. He seldom played with his classmates and always kept to himself. Quite often he lowered his head when his teachers asked him questions.

     One spring, his father got some young trees from his neighbor and asked each of his children to plant one in the yard. “I’ll give a gift to the one whose tree grows the best,” he said.

     Being eager to get the gift, the little boy was very glad to do it and watered the tree every day. But he felt ashamed of himself again when he saw his brother and sister jumping and dancing happily while watering. He had to water the tree in a wheelchair instead. Then an idea occurred to him that if he stopped watering it, the young tree will die earlier. Then he didn’t have to take care of it any more.

     A few days later, when he went to see the young tree’s progress, to his astonishment, the young tree was growing as opposed to dying. Compared with other young trees, his grew better. Later as his father said he got a gift as a reward. Judging from the tree he grew, his father encouraged him that he would be an excellent botanist in the future.

     From then on, the little boy became more optimistic and spent more time talking and playing with others. He wasn’t the old self any more.

     One night the little boy couldn’t fall asleep. Through his window, he looked at the beautiful moon. Suddenly he remembered what his teacher said, “Usually, trees grow in the evening.” Then he carefully opened the door and silently walked toward the tree. The moment he got to the corner he saw his dad watering his young tree. Finally he understood why his tree grew better than the others’.

     Several decades later, the little boy with a pair paralyzed legs didn’t become a botanist but a politician.

     Love is the best nutrition for life, even though it is only a bucket of fresh water. It can help the tree grow.

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  • Trump’s speech makes Chinese people surprised 2018-12-20 06:01

    Ted180: Very wrong! I underestimated the stupidity of American voters!!
    Thus, an admission of your own stupidity.

  • Will dropping of population restrict China’s development? 2018-12-20 04:52

    The environment does matter, but I doubt the population of over 1 billion would drop to 0.1 billion so quickly. I habitually invite students to see these issues globally, and that way to habitually put comments about China's policies into a globally influential context, as is appropriate for a people who sit in the UN Security Council and who have significant gold reserves. A small % of people are concerned for the world facing water shortages. The global population has been doubling in half the time since the 1700s without any wars making a dent in the population explosion, and that is obviously the direct result of mismanaged banks making huge quantities of money freely available so people too easily live indoors and raise so many children. During the past few centuries, national policies were to increase populations because of fear of war with a neighbouring country. But in the past decade, we hear of military leaders in some countries starting to openly wish, online, that they could address threats to the environment as national threats to safety. However, my friends in philosophy point out that the evidence of natural disasters has not convinced some policy makers around the world. Of course, China is known for making green cities: a step toward sustainable urban development. Imagine a few countries in the world able to re-regulate banks and manage the economy to reduce the population explosion, manage international relations to live without fear of war, and so manage to lead international care for sustaining our environment. Walter Rothschild wrote a book listing extinct species of birds, so that our population explosion crowds many species out of life is known to bankers. I hope survival issues matter to policy makers in any country.

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