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Share It is a great step forward to explore the universe for China.
samlam 2016-7-3 11:49
It is a great step forward to explore the universe for China.
A new FAST, the largest telescope in the world, has finished its installment. It is located in Guizhou province. Its caliber is 500 meters. It is equal to 30 football fields, which lasts 20 years from designing to building. Its size is ten times of Bonn telescope in Germany, 2.25 times of Arecibo telescope in America. The mission for the Chinese FAST is to explore universe, whose first task is to look for pulsar so th ...
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Share The first building made by 3D printer was born in Dubai
samlam 2016-6-3 15:17
The first building made by 3D printer was born in Dubai
The technique of 3D printing brings us lots of joys. Printing materials like gun, motorbike, robot, human organs becomes true. Now the first building made by 3D printing appears in Dubai. “High tech serves our life” is not an empty talk. The design of the first building of 3D printing is perfect with lots of tests for reliability, whose appearance shows its unique in public with a shape of circular arch, which guarantee the saf ...
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Share The first satellite of quantum science experiment will be launched in July
samlam 2016-5-31 10:11
China will launch its first satellite of quantum science experiment in July, which is also the first one of the same field in the world. It will build a network connecting the earth and space by quantum communication. Being different from that before in communication, the new one will be a breakthrough. Its success in the future will enjoy an honor that our communication will be safer. The safety is based on the principles of quant ...
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Share The speed of high speed train up to 1200 kilometers per hour is coming
samlam 2016-5-13 07:56
Hyperloop One Company of America announced on May 11 that the boosting system of high speed train is being tested and the whole system of the test will have been completed within this year. The speed will be up to 1200 kilometers per hour, which is close to the speed of supersonic speed. It is amazing. It is a great breakthrough. The technique of maglev will be used in the system. Passengers and cargos will be delivered through a ...
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Share Artificial intelligence will defeat human in the coming ten years
samlam 2016-5-1 08:44
Zuckerberg wants to build computer service based on the artificial intelligence, because he thinks it will have a better insight and understanding than human. He predicts that computer can do better than human in the coming ten years in the areas of core perceptivity in listening, speaking, reading and writing. As we know, computer system in the future will have various abilities learned from the most ...
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