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Share Where is the bottom of stock A
samlam 2016-5-13 12:33
Now the Chinese stock market (Shanghai securities composite Index) is wandering around 2800. Ups and downs in stock A has already threatened stock holders for quite a long time. Where is the bottom of it? If you look at Chinese stock market carefully, you’’ll see that you can find no reasons in its ups and its downs. When there is a hot point created by Chinese government’s policy, it goes up quickly. It is something like the index up to 4300 last year. Seemingly, ups and downs ...
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Share We need a reasonable oil price
samlam 2016-4-14 10:37
Oil price should have been down the sixth times in China, but there is no change. Chinese people, especially those who have cars, have complained much about it. “It is a problem of energy safety”, said the head of the Development and Reform commission. It is the answer to public. Any complaint is in vain. People ask if the rules the Development and Reform commission made before still work? A country like China wants to become marketiz ...
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Share How to prevent the stock market crash again
samlam 2016-3-7 15:26
During this ten years, we have seen China's stock market going up and down several times.Few of the investors smile to the end, while many of them cry to the end. People will never forget the painful months passed. What can we learn from it? In my opinion, the speculative behavior occupies the market. The head of the securities regulatory bureau promised to dosomething in supervision. I really hope his words come true. In fact, a health stock mar ...
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Share What will be the result when the economy relies so much on real estate?
samlam 2016-2-18 14:58
There are a lot of talks about China's economy in future. we can see that some of them are worried, some of them are optimistic, and some are pessimistic. When we talk about something we should list the facts to support our points of view. Talking about China's economy, I am a bit puzzled, when people, especially the experts in this field, are quite optimistic about it. Do you see the facts the experts listed? Do you see the figures exactly to support their point of view?   ...
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