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Share Smoke pollution
samlam 2016-2-18 15:48
Smoke pollution
I went back to my hometown to spend my Spring Festival with my family on Feb 1st. Of course, it is a good season to celebrate the Chinese New Year. But when I stepped on the land of my hometown, I saw several smoke dragons flying in sky, which destroyed my good mood. It has been manydecades since the sugar manufactory was built. People around suffer its pollution. The manufactory is one kilometer away from themain town of the county with a population of 150,000 and it is only severa ...
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Share Sound pollution
samlam 2016-1-13 11:17
We are living in an environment with much noise, especially in towns. Every one of us suffers it when we live in a town with large population. My office is in a building nearby an avenue with cars passing every second in the day time, even till late at night. I can’t stand the noise any more. How can people bear it when they are living along the streets with so much noise. Actually, it is man-made noise. As the town is growing up, more and more people have cars. So the current co ...
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