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Share My special experience on train during the Spring Festival
samlam 2016-1-27 11:27
35 years ago, I went to Guangzhou by train during the Spring Festival the first time, when I was studying in Jinan University. It was an unforgettable experience. I started from Nanning and changed train in Hengyang, Hunan province. It was around 1500 kilometers. The train was called PUkuai. That means it could run around 40 kilometers per hour and it got to stop at the railway stations along. You can imagine how hard the travel was. It was crowded in the cars. It was difficult to move fro ...
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Share Anxious to go home
samlam 2016-1-26 14:14
It is the end of the Year of Goat in China and aChinese New Year, Year of Monkey, is drawing near. Many people are on their way home, forgetting the tiresome things and tough workin the past, putting fatigue on the way behind. Home is their destination.Although many people are still on work, their mind has already flown home. They are anxious toputtheir work to an end asearlyas possible. Among the colleagues, the main topic is going home now. ...
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Share Go home
samlam 2016-1-15 14:56
The Spring Festival is coming. Every one of the Chinese is looking forward to its approaching. So you’ll see a great stream of people from south to the north or from the east to the west around a month centering on the first day of the Chinese New Year. It is the most beautiful sight in the world. There is a Chinese saying “We will go home to spend our Spring Festival wherever we are”. Home is the destination for every home-sicker. Family are waiting for us at home. Family have ...
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Share Standing at a new start
samlam 2015-12-31 10:37
Standing at a new start
2016 is coming. I'm quite excited and happy to welcome its coming. I have some dreams. I hope my mom is happy and healthy every day. I hope myfamily enjoys the time when we are together. I hope my Firefly English to be known to more people. I hope I can make more friends from all over the world. Hopefully,these dreamscome true some day. No matterhow busy I am, I'll try my best to spend more time with my mom. When it ...
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