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Share Should we use ice cubes to cool down for students?
samlam 2016-7-3 10:36
Should we use ice cubes to cool down for students?
From the picture you see that ice cubes were placed in front of a building in college campus of Guangxi. It was around 7.2 tons ice cubes carried from the ice making factory. It is midsummer and really hot in most parts of China now. The temperature is around 34 degrees these days in many parts of the country. When we have no air conditioners in the dormitory, we still have many ways to get ourselves cool down, su ...
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Share Career Planning
samlam 2016-6-29 13:11
The scores of the national entrance exams for colleges had been released. Students who took part in the exams have already got their own scores and the minimum passing scores for each grade have been shown in different areas. Lots of students are worrying about how to choose a rightmajor and college for themselves as their priority, though they have some reference books, such as Colleges admissions directory, The Instruction ...
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Share Senior 3 students are celebrating the ending of senior high schooling
samlam 2016-6-21 16:51
Chinese Gao Kao ended on June 8th. Students of senior 3 celebrated it. They held parties, spent the whole night drinking in bars, or did something to get relaxed. It was a hard time for them during the preparation for Gao Kao. Almost a year, they didn’t have weekends. They couldn’t go visiting some places of interest they like. They got to read and read every day from morning till night. We can understand how crazy they were to celebrate the moments when they were free. ...
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Share A girl student jumped from a building 60 miters high
samlam 2016-6-8 10:01
A girl student died yesterday because she jumped from a building around 60 meters high at 3 pm on June 7th in Ping An Wu La Te Qian Qi ( 平安乌拉特前旗 ) after finishing her first subject Chinese test. It was the first day of 2016 National College Entrance Exams. After that, from her friends’ phones, we see a message “Say Goodbye to this world” on wechat written by her. Her family can’t bear such a sudden tragedy. We ...
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Share Will you accompany your kid to the school site of Gao Kao?
samlam 2016-6-7 13:25
2016 national college entrance exams started this morning. Some of the parents accompanied their kids to the school site of Gao Kao. Some parents drived their kids to the destination. Some took taxi. Near the school gate, parents saw their kids going into the school and didn’t want to leave. Some parents were taking their kids’ breakfasts standing behind them and waited for checking in. Actually, those parents whose kids are taking part in the on-going exams have been busy with prepari ...
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Share Happy Children’s Day
samlam 2016-6-1 15:41
Today is Children’s Day. Hope every kid enjoys this happy day with his family or his peers. Hope every of us still remembers the happy days we had in our childhood. While we are celebrating Children’s Day today, do not forget that many kids are still living a hard life. There is a small and remote town called E Man( 峨蔓 ) in Hainan Island. It is a poor area with an average income of 4400 yuan per capita a year. Among ...
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Share Should 1131 yuan be given to students?
samlam 2016-5-29 09:40
You will be surprised when hearing that tuition and fees was returned to students in the middle schools in Futian district of Shenzhen. In Shenzhen there are 10 districts. Only Futian district implements this policy. For a student of middle school of provincial grade, the tuition and fees for a semester in total is 1131 yuan. This policy has been carried out since 2015. The purpose to implement this policy is to let mo ...
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Share Some parents prayed “good luck” from a tree
samlam 2016-5-29 09:30
The national entrance examinations for colleges are coming soon. Students of senior 3 are fighting for the last few days. Meanwhile, it is also a hard time to exam their parents. They want to do something for their kids, such as offering good food for their kids, taking good care of their daily life and so on. In other words, parents who have kids preparing for this big national exams worry much more than their kids in a way, so they try to do something, even though it is ridiculo ...
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Share School bully is serious
samlam 2016-5-27 12:33
According to a report from The Procuratorate of Guangdong province, there are 510 cases in total about school violence from 2013 to 2015, in which 915 students are involved. 70 % of them were juveniles. In most of the cases, they got money or property in an illegal way. When they committed crime, they usually did in groups. 18.6% of the cases were given up to prosecute and the measurement of penalty seems lighter. There are many r ...
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Share Are you an Elite or a pusher of the community?
samlam 2016-5-26 10:31
Days ago, I read an article talking about what kind of students our schools should cultivate, elites or pushers of the community. It is really a big topic. In China, almost all of the schools think highly of cultivating as many elites as possible, especially the training centers. The secondary schools would count how many students have been admitted to famous university like Beijing University, Qing Hua University and so on. ...
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