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Share Things you can do or get in USA easy.
2018-2-27 16:47
1. Buy cocaine,weed,etc in any ciity and any school no problem. 2. Buy guns legal or not legal any where you find a seller. 3. Get 300 points on a SAT test if black only. Others start at ZERO. 4. Sneak into USA from Mexico or Cananda without Visa and stay forever. 5. Pass grades K-8 with failing grades. Public school has social promotion. 35% of kids in 9th grade can not read,do simple math, etc 6. Can pay someone to take college entrance exam for you. Very easy. 7. Sue your parents when yo ...
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Share Things I have learned about China & Chinese People in 12 years living in Chi
2018-2-7 11:32
About China and Chinese. No certain order. 1.99% of foreign English teachers teaching in China today can not get a job teaching in their own country. 2. Most foreign so called teachers make more money then Chinese teachers. 3. Chinese people are very concerned about family and in the U.S.A. most Americans only think of self. 4. Chinese people have treated me with kindness every where I travel in China. Never happen in U.S.A 5. Chinese teachers do not know how to teach English. Is r ...
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Share Note to new and returning University Students in China
2017-8-17 23:03
I wish each of you new students a wonderful experience. Remember how much work it took to get into a Chinese University. Do not do as I have observed 1st year students over the 4 years I have taught in a Chinese University. Many think that once they are in college it is time to relax,have fun, skip class, and not work hard. This will lead to failure. You actually need to work harder, plan your schedule for studying,and plan for your free time also with new friends. This for most Chinese stude ...
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Share Tattoo's
2017-8-11 02:34
A warning to young Chinese. Tattoo's are the coolest thing with young people in the USA. Kids in America see sports stars,actors in movies all with cool looking tattoo's and think Wow I want one. The problem is if you want a good paying job and you have tat's that people can see when you wear clothes to work, you will find that CEO's want people who look professional when they work for them and tat's look cheap. You can get all the Tat's you want but if your work clothes can not cover them up HR ...
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Share Mr Dentist
2017-8-10 20:01
If your city in China has a " Mr.Dentist" I would not use them if I were you. I spent 3,000 RMB to get 4 new teeth, they made a mold ,took measurments etc. When I went to get them, they completely messed up. Did noy fit proper, hurt to use , even breathe. I gagged as soon as they put them in. When I explained that they needed to redo them or return my money. The boss said take them as they are for we do not fix problems even if our fault. After I complained again they said the only thing we will ...
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Share Public education in the USA
2017-8-8 06:02
I went to public school in the USA when the USA was number one in the world in the 50's and 60's. Then I went to the University to actually become a school teacher. I started teaching in the early 70's and continued until I finally had enough and retired at age 60. I taught middle school,high school and at the university level for a total of 37 years. Watched when they did away with high school final exams,(So minorities could pass),watched them when they started "social promotion" for grades K- ...
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